AdeptiCon 2022 – Bolt Action Combat Patrol Jeremy’s Recap

The Army

The Magical Bedknobs and Broomsticks

First off, I forgot to pack the Longbowmen… so I had to adjust the list on the fly and add in some more Foot Knights. The Urban Militia were unarmed soldiers, close combat only. The Shire Cavalry were shotgun-armed mounted horsemen.

Game One – Dawn Patrol vs. Andrew (US)

The table was a farm field with buildings and a road that went across the board. The Bedknobs Knights faced off against some American invaders with a Hellcat. We outnumbered the Doughboys and looked to use that to our advantage.

Highlights from the game:
– We spread out across the deployment zone, squads on the left, middle, and right. The Cavalry went right to hide among some farmhouses.
– The left side drew fire from the Hellcat. They dissolved under a single shot from the tank.
– Meanwhile, the slow advance of the Knights grew ponderous for the US Infantry. The Knights covered much more ground as the US troops stayed still trying to stand their ground and fire.
– The Cavalry and squad on the right put pressure on the US deployment zone and started to flush out the remaining troops into the Knights.
– Due to the distance covered by the Knights and the lack of movement by the US side, the Home Guard took a victory by scoring more units in the deployment zone.

Result – Win

Game Two – Scattered Deployment vs. Brian (South Africa)

This game had a wild deployment. Both sides had two boxes to deploy into. Then we rolled dice and a direction token. That unit then shifted its original deployment to the new location. The round took place on a European village table. Lots and lots of hard cover and very little line of sight. Should have been perfect for my close combat Knights!

Highlights from the game:
– The goal was to get kill points by taking enemy units off the table.
– The South Africans rolled some good shifts and did not mess up their deployment too much. The Knights walked into some pretty deadly crossfire and ambushes.
– The failure to clear a Veteran squad by just one kill left a single enemy soldier alive who then killed the Inexperienced Knights. Womp womp.
– Every squad of militia was upgraded to regulars this game, but it did not matter as the Ambush orders and Veteran troops outclassed the Knights.
– Probably should have just hidden in the village and made them come to me, but that would not be a very fun experience for either party.

Result – Loss

Game Three – The Crossroads vs. John (US)

Highlights from the game:
– This table had some trees around encircling one sphere and then buildings on the other. John took the buildings and I had the trees.
– This mission let both sides set up two units as if they had Forward Deployment.
– We both set up some infantry squads far up the table.
– The Knights got the first die and assaulted into some trees to delete a squad of US Infantry.
– The rest of the Knights moved up and held ground surrounding the single Objective.
– They weathered the ranged attacks from the US troops and slowly circled the Objective. When this happened it was a bit too late for the US Jeep and Tank to speed in to contest.
– Strength in numbers!

Result – Win

Final Thoughts

Great event! Always amazing terrain and tables at the Chicago Bolt Action scene. The TOs upped the ante and brought their A-game. We had technology (online pairings, round timer), prizes, awards, etc. Clean mission pack and super easy pairings each round. In general, the Thursday time slot is weird. Just prepares people for what AdeptiCon is. Get in and go hard and don’t stop. Do caffeine pill bumps and eat as you travel between events.

I was lucky enough to snag Best Allied. The highest combined score of Allied players. Never won that award. Landed at third overall! The next day at the Doubles event, the community enjoyed one of my tables the most and voted for Best Battlefield! I succeeded in my goal of not one but two medals. This was my first time snagging an AdeptiCon medal. I made the transition to being a TO right when the switch from plaques to medals occurred.

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