Campaign: D-Day: US Sector

The largest amphibious invasion in the history of warfare demands multiple books. The scale of D-Day is so immense, Warlord has published three separate Campaign books! We’ve already provided our thoughts on the second volume – Campaign: D-Day: British & Canadian Sectors. But now it’s time to open up the third and final book in the D-Day series, Campaign: D-Day: US Sector with another Chicago Dice Hot Take!


So, I am probably burying the lead here but we need to get something out of the way. This book is insane. It’s full on banana town levels of crazy. There is just so much stuff crammed into this book and each thing that we look at is more awesome than the next. I don’t think I’m out of line here, this is one the best Campaign books published. Full stop.

  • Designer’s Notes – Included with every single unit entry is a small italicized paragraph that states what forces the unit can be included in. It only took 21 books but we’ve finally got the clarity we’ve been asking for. I cannot begin to describe how nice it is to see this inclusion.
  • Abundance of units/rules/Selectors – The book is filled with additional rules and units for all kinds of niche and specialized forces. It’s got SAS, US Rangers, French Partisans, US Army, US Airborne, Fallschirmjäger, SS and German Heer. The list goes on! We’ve also got full Army Lists for the SAS and Rangers. It is now viable to run a full Ranger or SAS force. Honestly, I could list every single Selector as its own bullet and why they are straight fire. What you need to know is that each Selector in this book is hot hot hot.
  • Double Agent – I hope I’m not out of line, but this might be my favorite unit in all of Bolt Action. It’s the best 25pts you could ever hope to spend and I love it. Read the rules, have a laugh, add it to your armies.
  • Transports, so many Transports! – I’m in heaven. There are numerous new Transport rules that make taking a mechanized army possible. M3 Half-tracks that you can leave gunners in, and they don’t care how close the enemy is. Schwimmwagen that can transport four men and still rock a MMG. There are SAS jeeps that never flee from the enemy and have Behind Enemy Lines. These units bring me joy.
  • French Partisans – Four new units! Two new Selectors! Options to combine with SAS! Re-captured French Tanks that can be taken as Inexp., Reg. or Vet and don’t have Unreliable! Oh man, so much goodness. Oh, also a 20-man infantry squad that can include an embedded Marksmen that uses the rules for Snipers.
  • Airborne Light Mortar Team – For 68pts you can get a seven Stubborn Vets (that’s a 30pt discount). Now granted, the additional men cannot fire any weapons, it is an Light Mortar Team after all. But, you can charge forward and assault and they will all fight in close combat. Is it good? Maybe. Is it something your opponent will never see coming? You bet it is.
  • Late War Ranger Special Weapons Section – What. Is. This. Unit. A six-man squad with the options for a Light Mortar, a Anti-Tank Rifle and two Bazookas. Incredible, just incredible. The Bazookas may be 50pts a pop, but who cares? You can have two of them in a single squad!

Honorable Mentions

  • Mechanized Fighters – We saw a similar rule for the Soviet Mounted Recon Squad in Fortress Budapest and now it’s time for the US Army to give it a go.
  • SAS Medic – Finally a Medic that fights! With the Soldier First, Medic Second rule, this is one mean guy. He’s a Fanatic, Tough Fighter, Behind Enemy Lines and a Medic for 40pts. He can fire his weapon and he can capture objectives!
  • Horse Wagon Transport – You’ve seen the Horse Limber, now how about a Horse Wagon with six-man transport capacity?


  • Not enough scenarios – Although there are 12 scenarios, it’s a bit thin. For example, The Road to Carentan dose not give me feel of the iconic attack on the town as shown in Band of Brothers – a major omission in my opinion. There is a good mix of missions, they are not same- but with 19 scenarios included in Campaign: D-Day: Overlord, I was hoping for more. – Daniel

The Takeaway

Wow. What a book! Campaign: D-Day: US Sector stands tall with the likes of Fortress Budapest and New Guinea. There are simply so many unique units and Selectors (with unique rules!). The hobby fire burns bright when flipping though these pages. Speaking of pages, the layout! Such an improvement over previous books. Warlord has completely knocked it out of the part with this release. We couldn’t ask for more.

And now, I need to try and decide if I’m going with Rangers or mixed US Armor and Paratroops. Or maybe German Recon. Or Partisans. Or US Mechanized. Or SAS.

Send help.

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