4th Divisional Frogs of the Great Pond – Part VI

Goal 5 Review

We did it! Kermit’s Royal Mortar Regiment is ready to make a rainbow connection with the enemies of the Great Pond.

Also finished the banner bearer for the army. This guy buffs all the wizards in the army.

Gonna jump back into painting some Skinks between monsters.

Finished building some remaining parts of the army. A proxy for the Stegadon Chieftain. Inspiration came from Godzilla vs Kong, Gamera, Iron Man and Bowser.

Goal 6


  • 11 Skinks
  • 1 Skink Starpriest
  • Flaming Purple Sun magic spell

Overall Status


  • 3 Salamander crew
  • Turtle ‘StarSeer’
  • Mega-Gargant Snapper (also doubles as Realmshaper Engine terrain piece)
  • Frogs riding giant beetles (Terradons)
  • 5 Crocodile Lancers


  • Lord Kroak
  • 32 Frogs
  • Salamander
  • Frog Priest
  • Frog King on Liter
  • Troglodon
  • Spinosaurus (Sharptooth)
  • Flaming Purple Skull Spell


  • Astrolith Banner Bearer
  • Donny and crew (Bastiladon)
  • Frog Priest
  • 2 Giant Chameleons
  • 3 War Snappers (Kroxigor)
  • Cera the Giant War Turtle (Stegadon)
  • 13 Lily Hammer Frogs
  • 15 Musketeer Frogs
  • Endless Spell: Geminids

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