12 Months, 25 Dollars – Part 1, April ’21

Following the example set by Dino over at Chaosbunker, starting this April, I will abide by a simple rule:

Every month I have a budget of $25 for my hobby.

Simple in theory, sticking to this rule will be a difficult task. But it’s necessary. When I packed up for my move from Chicago to Detroit last summer, I faced the reality of my hobby collection – I own far too many unbuilt and unpainted models. There is no reason for me to purchase more models while starting at a literal mountain of unopened kits.

This hard limit of $25 a month will push me to work on projects that I’ve already started and use models that I’ve already collected. I have a long list of old projects that I would l love to complete but have not made the time (often due to being distracted by a new shiny). Thus, by taking a firm stance against collecting new additions, I can focus on my backlog. At a high level, the backlog includes:

  • Late Romans for Saga
  • Red Box Games warband for Frostgrave
  • Astra Militarum for Adepticon Warhammer 40,000 Teams
  • Rohan for Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game
  • 75mm Joshua from Bold Miniatures
  • The Battle of Five Armies box game
  • Humans for Oathmark
  • 75mm High Elf from Gura
  • Tomb Kings for Warhammer Fantasy 6th Edition
  • Waterloo French for Black Powder
  • Free Folk for ASOIF
  • Beasts of Chaos for Age of Sigmar
  • Too many Bolt Action kits to count

Everything listed above, I already own. There is more than enough to work with without starting a new game/faction/project.

With a focus on existing projects, I am expanding my Winter Germans to include a unit of Stug Riders for use in my Bugeater GT 2021 list. I already have the models for the dismounted Stug Riders, but I did need some models to model on the Stug while they are being transported. I was able to get the Warlord Heer Begleit Stug riders (Winter) from my local store for $12. This was my only purchase for April, and I’ll bank the remaining $13 for a future purchase.

MonthFunds remaining
Total funds$13

And it beings! Wish me luck – making this goal public will help me stick to it!

The Fine Print
The $25 per month limit applies to models, paint and supplies. It does not apply to event tickets or travel costs.

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