Walking Dead – Part I

We fight.

Well. Here I am. The Heir of Isildur has called, and the Oathbreakers will answer that call, marching to war at long last.

Watching Andrew’s Home of the Horse Lords project, and wanting a quick project win if I’m honest, I decided it was high time to get into this Dead of Dunharrow project for the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game. I had painted a batch for someone else a year or two ago (pics above) and I was really pleased with the end result, especially since the process was relatively quick…I mean, you have to love when painting goes about as quickly as assembly! The final straw, the one that broke the proverbial camel’s back, was the new plastic King of the Dead model GW put out. It. Is. Amazing!

The goal of this project is to create an 800-ish points force for MESBG using the models offered by Games Workshop. My force will start with the superb King model, a banner bearer, and a retinue of sorts. Around that core I will add some more infantry units and maybe as a stretch I will add some cavalry. Heck, there are only three entries in the army list so some variety might be nice and adding a cavalry unit can get me to 1,000 points pretty quickly. 

A secondary goal of this project will be to finish it before Andrew finishes his Rohirrim.

Goal Materials:

  • King of the Dead with Heralds
  • Banner Bearer
  • x4 Plastic Warriors of the Dead sprues
  • x5 paints, max

Stretch Goal Materials:

  • Games Workshop Hexwraiths / Black Knights as Riders of the Dead
  • Andrew’s admiration and envy for finishing my force first

I’ve already got some materials in hand, some on order, and the rest in a shopping cart for when I’m a little farther along. So, with the groundwork laid out it’s time to get assembling!

The Dead are following. They have been summoned.

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