The Eternal Crusader – Part III

New year, same old me! My entry into 2021 saw my hobby ADD running rampant, with short forays back into Bolt Action fiddling with some concept armies and organizing my collections, followed by a few attempts to solve my black Power Armor woes that didn’t pan out as I had hoped. I decided to continue to provide myself with a bit of space from painting by building more Primaris Space Marines and their accompanying transport. This article is going to focus primarily on the Impulsor, but I have made some headway on my plans for the painting and I’ll be going over them at the end.

The Impulsor is GW’s main transport for the Primaris marines, and this thing is awesome, both on the table and the model itself. And being that my force is made up of Templars who generally want to get into the thick of things as quickly as possible, the Impulsor will be a wonderful addition to get my troops right into the enemy battle lines.

Impulsor framework

There are a few bits that still need to be added. I need to make a final decision on Storm Bolters vs Fragstorm Grenade Launchers, and I plan on adding magnets so I can swap between the Bellicatus Missile Array and a Shield Dome. Another goal is to get some appropriate stowage and load up the aft bay with it.

Stowage will be added to the rear transport bay, and magnets will be added so that the Missile Launcher can swap out with a Shield Dome

Now on to my painting plan. As I mentioned at the start, I haven’t been able to nail a black scheme that I liked. So part of what I spent this month on was watching a lot of tutorials (some of which I was re-watching) and seeing if I could find one that I really wanted to go for. Part of my issue has always been that if I don’t like a result I’m getting, I can get frustrated and then I step back and start from scratch rather than trying to make modifications or finish up the test model to see what the end result can be, so I’ve been pausing partway through and starting over instead of seeing a final product. So my goal (which is similar to my past few goals, but hopefully this time with some New Year Conviction) is to shift back into painting, this time skipping the Firstborn marines (for the moment) and going into some test Primaris models. I have a collection of Indomitus and Dark Imperium Primaris built and primed and am currently building another box of them with some more PopGoesTheMonkey upgrade bits for the shoulders. I also decided that I wanted to try an airbrush method on the armor, which is something I haven’t worked with yet for the marines, so I’ll be utilizing this wonderful Cult of Paint tutorial that I found on Youtube. Those guys do some excellent work and explain their process well, if you are looking for a tutorial for a project I highly recommend checking out whether their Youtube or Patreon has one available.

The Impulsor with Black Templar heraldry applied to the front and sides

That’s all for me at the moment, looking forward to getting some hobby time in over the next week and making some progress!

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