4th Divisional Frogs of the Great Pond – Part II

Well the tadpole is out of the bag now. This is Part II of the Great Pond Chronicles. Let’s hop to it!


The majority of the models in this project are from the Eureka Miniatures Pond Wars range. The larger plastic dinos are Games Workshop. Character models are from Dark Sword Miniatures, Black Scorpion and Bombshell Miniatures. The Big Snappers later in this article are 3D printed from the Lost Kingdom Kickstarter.  

Goal 1 Status

Frogs are wet. All the frogs will be getting gloss coated once more batches are completed. The non-glossy parts will get painted matte. I typically base armies once they are all painted, so that will be at the end of this project.

The first goal of this project was paint focused and had two groups of frogs on the painting table. The Lilyhammers were successfully painted but the Musketeers were unfortunately delayed. The Lilyhammers scheme was based on the Tomato frog. These models being majority skin/flesh has me learning and leaning a bit more into wet blending on the model than any previous works.

The Musketeers are a work in progress with their bases done and moving into the skin shading. These will be getting some black stripes all over them.

For both these groups I have been working on airbrushing and found some great strides with a new, smaller needle and playing with the air regulator.

In practicing with the airbrush, I finished some Endless Spells. In the Age of Sigmar world, armies/wizards can upgrade their arsenal with special spells. These look cinematic on the battlefield and can be quite potent. These are “bound geminids”, and they must never move more than 6 inches apart from each other. The “light” and “dark” orbs each do different effects on the enemy. Sticking with the cosmic vibe, these frogs are spitting dark nebulae and bright suns on the foes of the pond. They were made with super balls and hot glue.

Goal 2 Status

Step 1: Finish the blue musketeers.
Step 2: Paint Cera and entourage “Three-horns never play with longnecks!”

Cera is a Great Turtle Battlewagon and named after the triceratops from the Land Before Time. Brave little terrapins crew the howdah; armed with black powder and mystical fire. The model is ambiguous in that it can be two different units in the game. The horns, side “flame” cannons, and large main cannon can represent a mighty Stegadon in the game. Or the heavily armored shell, main cannon, or underwing Asp Rockets can represent the dense Bastiladon with its solar engine or snake filled Ark of Sotek.

Her entourage is three Big Snappers. They proxy as Kroxigor units in the game and are the body guards to the little lizards. They can go toe to toe with anything in AoS and constantly surprise me with their damage output. The Big Snappers will be getting the classic green skin TMNT look as well as the smaller terrapins. I settled on a Leopard Turtle shell scheme for all shells. The howdah is going to have a chipped red paint look. Thinking like painted pirate ships.

My stretch goals are a priest and some giant chameleons. 

Overall Status


  • 1 Salamander + 3 crew
  • Troglodon
  • Lord Kroak
  • 5 Crocodile Lancers
  • 1 Turtle Star Seer

Future Builds

  • Gargant Snaper
  • Terradons


  • 47 Frogs
  • 2 Frog Priests
  • 3 Big Snappers
  • 1 Frog King on Liter
  • 1 Spinosaurus (Sharptooth)
  • 1 Bastiladon (Donny) +3 crew
  • 1 Giant War Turtle (Cera) +4 crew
  • Flaming Purple Skull Spell
  • 2 Giant Chameleons


  • 13 Lily Hammer Frogs
  • Endless Spell: Geminids

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