Sons of Sylvania – Part II

My oh my, has it been a month already? I guess it has and I am here to report that progress has been slow. Between the holidays and trying to wrap up some other models for an on going campaign I’m apart of (looking at you Dystopian Wars miniatures….) the Son’s of Sylvania have only just to begun sneak their fingers out of the coffins.

This update will be a quick one. But, despite the lack of material progress, I’m starting to get a grasp on what my army will look like long term. For starters, what did I accomplish….

Fig. 1 – Yup, that is it…

Well there you have it. Four zombies….not even on their bases….oh boy….moving swiftly on. What else has happened? Well, perhaps adding insult to injury, I quickly realized that the skeletons I wanted for this force (the Oathmark ones) were not really available stateside just yet and not wanting to pay the large shipping fee, I started looking around for other skeletons. And this is where the first bit of good news starts. In my searching I found these gems:

Fig. 2 – I saw these beauties and I knew I needed to have a regiment of skeleton pirates in my force!

These awesome looking skeleton pirates are made by Black Scorpion Miniatures, and while I don’t want all my skeletons to be pirates I think this will be a fun standout regiment within the force. I imagine that they represent the harbor district of whichever town this force hails from. Beyond this acquisition I also picked up a few more miniatures for the force. This includes:

Fig. 3 – Some Vampiric Nobility!

Fig. 4 – Some quite old metal skeleton figures. The figures on the flanks will be unit fillers and the figure in the center will serve as a character of some kind.

Fig. 5 – And finally, a slightly humorous acquisition. A number of “Necromancers”. (At least that is what the package said.) I did not realize until I received the miniatures that the figures were 15mm…..(The vampire in the background is for scale.) So now I have some unit fillers and/or magical familiars!

And so there we have it, a small update on the project. As a final note, all of the miniatures I’ve procured last month came from Noble Knight Games. They have quite the selection of products and the shipping was quick.

For next month I’m going to set a much more achievable goal of simply getting paint on some of these undead figures.

Until we meet again, happy hobbying and Carthago delenda est.

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