Turning a Gang into an Army – Part I

Welcome to the Front, keep your head down and listen to orders, I’ll get you through this alive.

So, you’ve come to meet another member of the News from the Front project. I’m glad to be a part of this project with Andrew and the rest of the guys at Chicago Dice. I look forward to finally making true progress to my hobby goals and keep on task with the help of everyone else. You will be joining me on the journey of turning a Necromunda gang into an Imperial War gang.

Project overview

Now like everyone else when we got the news that Andrew wanted to restart our hobby goals, I started thinking of armies and projects I have had on the back burner for years. I have had a lot of hobby spurts, getting really excited for an army or an idea, and then just burn out. Now the cause could have been from a number of things but I will do my best to get this worked out and done for Adepticon 2022. This will be my way of having my plan put to paper instead of just being in my head, which should help me keep on task.

Since this has all started with Andrew’s first post, I have not done much hobbying in terms of building or painting. What I did do was actually work to figure out the force I want to use and what units I could use to keep to the theme going. A lot of purchasing was involved to get the models and I may need to help convert up some cool models. The plan is to be proud of this army when I am done and have something memorable for my opponent to play against.

So, my overall theme is to take the Orlock Gangers and turn them into a proper fighting force. Now I personally have a great love for Necromunda, early 2000s when I first saw the metal models, I thought of how cool it would be to have an army of them. Back then I was a bit younger than I am now and didn’t have much experience or overall plan to do it. It has changed since then; the models have a lot of support so I can make some good standard units. As well I have been looking at other armies to use for conversions to keep the punk style of the gang lifestyle.

The Goal

Now the overall goal is to have a tournament ready Imperial Guard army ready to play for Adepticon 2022, that’s a given. The Goal though for this month is to get some units built and have a blueprint design for the display board for this army. Painting for me won’t be happening fast, I have to still figure out a scheme I like and write it down. This makes it easier to just focus on building and converting the models up. I want this army to have the character it deserves.

So, I will be trying my engineering out on converting Imperial Guard Sentinels with Adeptus Mechanicus Ironstriders. I feel these two models can make a great pair for this army.

As well I plan to make Rough Riders, converted using Adeptus Mechanicus Serberys Raiders and some simple head swaps from Orlock Gangers. Got to have some on mechanical horseback to patrol the Ash wastes.  At first, I was thinking Genestealer Cult Bikers but I think this will fit a better theme for now, there is still much in the works for game plan.

So, for next time I plan to have these built as well as some more gangers and a converted Company Commander I think you will all enjoy.

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