Sons of Sylvania – Part I

Greetings all!  It was with excitement that I accepted Andrews offer to participate in this wonderful project.  While I agree with many of the sentiments that the others have stated regarding hobby progress and gaining inspiration for our projects through deadlines, I’ll spare you that and jump right into my project!

Project Overview

When deciding what I would tackle in this series, a number of projects I’ve wanted to complete for some time popped into my head.  While reviewing the pros and cons of each potential project, I realized that there were some more general hobby goals that I wanted to achieve with this opportunity beyond bringing one of these projects into reality.  So before I get into what I selected here are some of those notable aspects I hoped to achieve with my project:

  • Have the project be in 28mm scale. (Recently, over 75% of my hobby time has been spent on 6mm or smaller scale projects)
  • Be able to use the models in multiple games/systems. (Leveraging those efficiencies!)
    • Namely Oathmark, Warhammer Fantasy, (AoS???)
    • Provide a platform to learn new hobby skills
      • In particular the use of green stuff and basic sculpting skills.

So with all that in mind and after much deliberation (and a small bit of inspiration from one of Andrew’s own projects) I give you my project: 

The Sons of Sylvania 

When I was first introduced to Warhammer Fantasy back around 2010 it was the tail end of 6th Edition and my first army was Skaven.  While the ratmen certainly kept me entertained, my mind began to wander to other armies I wanted to collect. Along the way I became enamored with the idea of making a Vampire Counts army with human forces mixed in. Between the fluff I read about Sylvania and the optional rules at the back of the 5th Edition Vampire Counts army book that allow you to add Sylvanian levies to your Vampire Count Armies I was hooked. So with the start of this project this old idea will finally see realization!

The fluff indicates that Sylvania , while treated as independent, is technically part of the Grand County of Stirland. The populations of both distinct regions, Stirland proper and Sylvania , are distinctly different from one another. But, just how the Border Princes region of the Old World is a gold mine for those making their own head cannon, the border between the two regions is enough of a gray area that there is a lot to play with.  

For example, perhaps the army is led by a Stirland noble who fell victim to a Vampire’s bite and now has a crisis of conscience about how he should rule his people and how to tackle his new found changes, and undead servants. Or perhaps it is a force led by a Vampire noble who has fallen in love with a woman from a nearby Stirland village and through their long moonlit walks he has come to care for the people under his realm more than other Vampire nobles around him and as he rules the people begin to respect and care for him too. These are just a couple examples of the head cannon I’m playing around with on this project. As the project develops we will see where my thoughts land on this.    

The Goal

The goal is to build a Vampire Counts army with a human element playing the role of showcase models/centerpieces of the army. These humans could be the loyal(-ish) citizens of Sylvania, or preferably some sort of levy from Stirland proper. I’m going to tackle this project in stages, and I’ve laid out these rough steps below:

Stage 1: Zombies & Skeletons. I’m going to need a lot of these if I plan on making a proper Oldhammer Vampire Counts army, so I best get cracking on these right away.  Considering that these are a dime a dozen I don’t see using any innovative or new hobby techniques on these figures.

Stage 2: Vampires, Necromancers & Human Nobles.  Now that I have the backbone I had best figure out who is leading these troops.  I hope to find some unique miniatures for these figures and try some new painting techniques on them.

Stage 3: Human Troops.  The human troops I want to be very particular about how they look.  I’m really going to try and push for an aesthetic with these troops which I think will match the theme.  This should open the door to learning more about using green stuff and sculpting.

Stage 4: Odds and Ends.  At this point the core of the army should be complete and I will look to add a unit or two of monsters and such before I call the project complete.

Hobby Notes

For this month I’m keeping things simple. I’ve identified the kits I want to use for the zombies and skeletons.  Those being the Mantic Zombies, and the Oathmark Skeletons. I’m going to target 40 of each for starters.  Batch painting will be key to not getting bogged down in the hordes of undead, but only time will tell how long it will take to complete this step.  

Zombies on the march!

The ancient dead rise at the call of their new master!

In Summary

This stage of the project is focused on the mindless hordes of undead and generally getting the ball rolling. So with that said I should probably get cracking!

Until we meet again, happy hobbying and Carthago delenda est.

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