The Beast Arises – Part I

Unsurprisingly, Savage Orcs and War Boars get on famously well, sharing as they do an almost identical worldview and personal hygiene regimen.”


As with all of the other members writing articles in this series, I am currently working up a 6th Edition Warhammer Fantasy army for the escalation league at Tyton Games. I went back and forth for a while on what I would be doing, knowing it would either be High Elves, Savage Orcs, or Bretonnians. Bretonnians were my first choice, but unfortunately I no longer seem to have many of my old Bret minis, and I’m not about to pay the insane resale prices that go along with collecting that particular out-of-print army. So then there were two. High Elves got knocked out when I pulled out my old collection and was reminded that the models for their Core troops were simply…not very good. A lot of awesome plastics came into existence during 7th and 8th for them, but the basic High Elf spearman, in my opinion, is not a good model (same for the archers). Savage Orcs it is! Fortunately, I love Wurrzag, Giants, and Savage Orcs in general, so I’m very happy with where I ended up. 

The Waaaaagh

I had a fair number of the plastic Savage Orc models lying around in storage, with a few unbuilt boxes along with 45-ish already assembled minis. Fortunately, that will go a long way in a 6th Ed force, with my current theorycrafted army clocking in at 50 miniatures exactly (although I am still tweaking things).  This will be an almost purely Savage Orc army. While I could take goblins alongside them and remain thematic, I decided that these boyz don’t feel like dragging along any of them puny ones and they’ll be doing it all themselves. I will be using the Wurrzag model as my Shaman, and will also be including Big Stabba models from the plastic Savage Orc box even though they do not exist in 6th, because they are glorious and can be used as a unit filler.

As it stands now, the 1,000 point list is:

  • Savage Orc Warboss  (Warpaint, Great Axe)
  • Savage Orc Shaman (Warpaint, Lvl 2)
  • 11 Savage Orcs (Additional Hand Weapon, Warpaint, Musician/Banner)
  • 12 Savage Orcs (Additional Hand Weapon, Warpaint, Full Command)
  • 8 Savage Orcs (Bows, Warpaint, Musician/Banner)
  • 8 Savage Orcs (Bows, Warpaint, Musician/Banner)
  • 5 Savage Orc Boar Boyz (Spears, Musician/Banner)
  • Giant

The lineup totals out at 968 points, which leaves me with a few points to play around with magic items or modifying units.

Hobby Progress

I spent a bit of time cleaning up the old minis, and then primed a few of them up in Citadel Wraithbone before hitting them with Ork Flesh Contrast. I am liking the result so far. There are a few that I want to go back and fix where I overdid some patches while getting the hang of the color. I also spent some time stringing up my Arrer Boyz’ bows using EZ-Line, which Andrew and I had picked up for one of our Adepticon projects. Considering we had about 96 feet of it left, this seemed like a good application for a bit of it. 

I’m excited to see how this goes, as I haven’t played a good tabletop ranks and flanks fantasy game in years and have been getting my fix through games like Total War: Warhammer 2 on PC. It will be good to push some blocks of minis around the table again!

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