The Grumblings of an Old Longbeard – Part I


This is my first article for Chicago Dice , and if you haven’t guessed it from the heading, I, just like the beardling, Mike (sorry Mike, I will teach you the old ways), will be mustering a Throng of Dwarfs for the 6th Edition escalation campaign at Tyton Games.

This is a special project for me since I have been involved in tabletop gaming for close to twenty years now and painting is one of the hardest things for me to complete. I’m hoping this goal will help keep me on track.

I have collected Dwarfs in every form and fashion over my hobby journey. But this army is by far and away my favorite. I was able to muster the out of production Dwarfs, not the plastic ones mind you. I reached deep into the coffers of my Hold and recruited the proper Dwarf models. The metal ones.

These models are absolute gems. Festooned with tankards, daggers and medallions honoring their ancestors. Each model is of a character quality. And that is how I am going to approach it. It may take me a long time to finish them, but in the end, this will be a true heirloom of my Hold.

Mustering the clans

For this campaign we are starting small and building to a 1,000 point list and because I limited myself to the old metal sculpts my options are limited but characterful. I have already been slowly collecting these models over time its just a matter of getting them primed and ready to go.

The Throng:

Thane: Gromril Armor, Great Weapon, Shield and Rune of Stone – 74
Runesmith: Gromril Armor, Great Weapon, Shield, Rune of Spell Breaking and Rune of Stone – 110

x10 Thunderers with shields – 150
x10 Thunderers with shields – 150
x10 Miners – 120

x20 Longbeards with Full Command – 280
Cannon – 100

At 984 points, there is still some wriggle room to work with. The theme of this army is tied into the models. All the units all ooze character and I think they will make for a sharp looking force on the table.

Hobby Progress

The force is progressing. albeit at a slow pace. As I stated before, I am not a strong painter. I want to give these models the attention they deserve.  So, that means taking my time and embracing the time I have to work on a just a model or two at a time. The force is not very large and I hope it will drive me to finish the entire…3,000 point list I have written. My characters are painted and waiting to lead. I have a squad of Thunderers completed and another one soaking in Simple Green to release them from their horrible fate. The Longbeards are primed and awaiting my awkward yet slowly improving brush strokes. I have five basecoated and I think I will work my through five at a time. The Cannon is still needing some engineers to complete the forging process.

Forgive the round bases, it lets me use my citadel hobby handle easiest. They’ll be on their proper bases soon.

Until next time Umgi.

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