Adepticon 2019 – Bolt Action Combat Patrol – Results

It was my second year as TO for Bolt Action Combat Patrol at Adepticon and running this event was truly a highlight of the weekend. As requested, here are the event results. Feel free to shoot me a message if you would like your full detailed score. I’m already excited for Adepticon 2020!

Event results:

NameArmyOverall score –
125 Max
Sean VilmontJapan115Best Overall
Brian CrewGermany111Best Axis
Neely ClappUS111Best Allies
Jeff NathGermany101
Al GleasonGermany100
Ian GaborFrance97Best Minor Power
Dexter WallisGermany96
Ben ThompsonPartisans94
Thomas PrattGermany93
John MucciJapan93
Felix MundschenkGermany92Best Opponent
Darrin ZielinskiPoland90
Dave GordyGermany89
JC McDanielUS87
Alex KolafaGermany86
Hugh CringleUS85
Patrick MolineUK84
Paul WalkerNetherlands84Player’s Choice
Robert ElmerFrance83
Kent HennesseyGermany79
Cody FallicoFrance78
Cole BeidelmanUK78
Mark TothUS77
Cody HughesFrance77Best Painted
Daniel TennisonUS76
Matt BarthwellUK75
Jeff MyromFinland75
Gorden GregsonUS74
Josh Sisson73
Mike PloetzUS71
Ryan CarlsonUS69
John Bates67
John PierceUS67
Kevin BruinsUS60

Additional information:

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