2019 hobby goals

New year, same me. It’s fun to take a stab at projecting hobby projects for the year ahead. These plans never seem to last long – too many new games and new kits are released during the year!

  • SAGA
    • Complete 6pt. Late Roman warband – Half built
    • Play in an event
  • Frostgrave
    • Complete Red Box Games Frostgrave warband – Primed
    • Complete Durgin Paint Forge Frosegrave warband – Acquired
    • Play a campaign
  • Age of Sigmar
    • Complete 2,000pt. Beasts of Chaos army – Half built
    • Play in a Clash of the Tytons tournament
  • Warhammer 40,000
    • Complete and Crimson Fists battalion
  • Bolt Action
    • Complete U.S. North Africa army – Built
    • Complete N. Africa Italian armored platoon
    • Complete British Burma armored platoon
    • Play in Adepticon 2019 Doubles
    • TO Adepticon 2019 Combat Patrol
    • Play a Battle of France campaign
  • Competition painting
    • The Crusader by Nocturna Models – Acquired
    • The Raider by Nocturna Models – Acquired
    • The Etnernal by Gura Resin Kits – Acquired
    • Joshua by Bolt Miniatures – KS shipping this month
    • Enter Crystal Brush 2019
    • Enter MMSI Chicago Show
  • Black Powder
    • Complete a French battalion – Acquired
  • A Song of Ice & Fire
    • Complete 40pt. Free Folk army
    • Play in a tournament
  • General hobby
    • Airbrush more
    • Paint just to paint, be less game focused
    • Maintain “hour a night” status

Looking at the list of what I want to accomplish I should be able to stick to one last goal – buy fewer models! I know this is a shared goal with most hobbyists but I think I’ve finally reaching my breaking point in 2019. There really is no reason to purchase a new kit when I have so many projects lined up already. Famous last words…

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