Adepticon 2018 – Bolt Action Combat Patrol results

Congratulations to all the players that took part in Bolt Action Combat Patrol! This was my first outing as a TO and I cannot thank these guys enough for showing up, leaning in to the theme of the event and putting up with my shenanigans.

I have some great takeaways from the event am already planning improvements for next year. I hope to see you all again in 2019!

Full results are:

Player Army Overall score –
100 max
Brian Crew Germans – Fallschirmjäger 99 Best Overall
Cody Hughes Germans 99 Best Painted
John Stentz US 98 Best Allied General
Dexter Wallis Germans 94 Best Axis General
Dave Gordy Germans 90
Paul Stewart Soviets 89
Ben Thompson Partisans 88
Kent Hennessey Germans – Fallschirmjäger 87
Ryan Carlson Finnland 84
Paul Walker Soviets 84
Bruce Romanick French 83 Best Sports
Jeff Myrom US 82
Darrin Zielinski British 82
Cory Sickler French 82
Dan Duffin Us 81
Joe Meyer Belgium 81
Jeff Hady US 80
Kevin Bruins US 79
Matthew Horst 79
Brent Sinclair US 77
Al Gleason British – N. Africa 77
Max Lambdin US – Engineers 75
John Pierce US – Rangers 74
Laurie Stewart US – Marine Raiders 73
Jon Hunter Soviets 73
Jesse Copeland British – Airborne 72
Tom Pratt Japanese 71
Abe Warpinski British 67
Chris Maddox Japanese 66
Zach Dietzman Germans – Fallschirmjäger 59

9 thoughts on “Adepticon 2018 – Bolt Action Combat Patrol results

    1. Thanks Jeff! The doubles event is always the prime event for me, we had a great game! I’m planning for 2019 already as well. You taking the paratroopers again?


  1. Hmmm, depends if the Finns get fully painted by then. But the Market Garden book’s new US parachute squadron is looking like a very tempting option for my 101st. Being able to airdrop reserves in sounds like crazy fun!


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