My short time with No Man’s Sky

“Inventory full.”

“Life support at 50 percent.”

“Thermal protection falling.”

“Inventory full.”

My suit’s AI voice chimes and chirps every time I reach a barrier to fun and I ask myself, “Why did I buy this?” and more importantly, “Why am I playing this?”.

Hype is a hell of thing. And because of the hype surrounding the 1.3 patch and the Atlas Rises update. This patch promised to fix many of the issues that plagued No Man’s Sky at launch and is the reason I tossed $17 for used copy of the game. Sadly, the game is still a massive dumpster fire and I made a terrible mistake.

Simply put, the game is not fun. It contains the promise of fun and never delivers. Through my eight hour experience I was looking over the next rise, the next planet, the next system to find the fun part. And it never arrived. Instead I was bombarded by messages and notifications from the AI in my suit telling me that my life support was low and I was about to freeze to death or that my inventory was full, again, or how long it would take for me to arrive at my destination (fifteen minutes to walk back to my ship?!?!).

At no point in the game was I enjoying the experience. But I held out hope. The promise of what I could find, of what I kind of ship I could get, of the experience I could have. But the empty promise was never fulfilled.

So, I turned my copy of game into store credit for Battlefield 1: Revolution to get the upcoming DLC (I’ve owned the base game of BF1 since launch) and I regret nothing.

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