Tale of Five Warlords – WIP update

Warhammer 40,000 has entered a new age – the age of the Dark Imperium. In this deadly era, five warlords answer the call to create new armies for the new edition.

Every two weeks I will bring you updates from the front as Ben, Duffin, Brian, Adam and Dexter progress from concept to fully painted reality. Join me as we continue our journey into the grim darkness of the far future…

Ben – Black Templars

Ben - BT - Edit

A majority of my limited hobby time the past week or two has gone into the Sector Imperialis bases I’ll be using for my Black Templars. However, I’m also getting close to completing my test model. He still needs a bit of detailing (adding a few spot points of red and some highlights) and some cleanup work (mostly on the tabard). Once he’s done and the scheme is down pat I’ll be able to start cranking out the Crusaders.


Duffin – Astra Militarum

Duffin - Bullgryn - Edit

So with us being a couple weeks past the start line, I’m a little bit behind my schedule, but that doesn’t have me down. I’m working here on my 6 Bullgryn who will be the bodyguards for my Company Commander. These models give me lots of space to practice on a lot of areas at once. Skin, metal, cloth, lenses, and battle damage. Can’t wait to get these guys done.

Brian – White Scars

brian edit

The main bike group and Khan are nearing completion. I am also in the midst of working on Khan’s personal bike, Moondrakkan, but it’s not quite photo ready yet.

Adam – Talons of the Emperor


Adam - Contemptor - Edit

It’s been slower going than I’d like with the Talons, but I did make some progress. I have 5 Custodes, 10 Sisters and a Contemptor built and even painted a bit. This week, I’d like to start putting paint on the Sisters.

Dexter – Eldar

Dex - Eldar - Edit

The Eldar are starting to come together, after a week of paint stripping the first layers are down on the test models. Minitaire (Badger Airbrush’s Airbrush Paint) ghost tints are transparent paints that allow you to build up really rich colors and highlights. I started with a zenithal pre-shading white on black then hit with the candy coats. Next up will be some hand highlighting, especially on the weapon. Then some blocking and highlighting to pick out parts of the armor. Overall I’m very pleased with the look.

And so we continue our advance into the darkness! Be sure to check back in two weeks for another update about the leaders and troops our warlords have chosen.

Keep in mind, although the edition has changed, war…war never changes…

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