Arena Rex, Blood & Plunder then SAGA

With Adepticon 2017 done and dusted it’s on to the next set of projects. Now, unlike what I do for Bolt Action, whereI am constantly moving from one army to the next in a never-ending production line, for the next three months, my goal is complete one army for three games. Once the armies are done, that’s it. No more projects for those games.

The three games are Arena Rex, Blood & Plunder and SAGA.

Arena Rex is first on the list and I am already half-way done! So far I have three completed Morituri models (Khepros, Ur-Kek and Thoth) with three more in progress (Anum, Mago and Acerbus). I am working on getting Anum and Acerbus built and I am running into some gap problems (check it above the back leg). It’s not a big deal but building these models is slower going than I expected. Once I’ve taken care of the gaps it will be on to painting. I will strive to match the scheme on the three already completed models but I painted those just under a year ago and did not keep track of my paint scheme so color matching might be difficult.

The next project is my Brethren of the Coast army for Blood & Plunder. This game took Kickstarter by storm last summer and several of us here at Chicago Dice picked up a faction starter set. Just like Arean Rex, once I have these models all painted up – that’s it, done. The current plan is to run a “tale of four gamers” style event to track our progress and our games. So far we have only played a few demo games and I am keen to try and create some kind of campaign for the group. Maybe something using a Golden Age of Piracy era map

After the pirates are all squared away it’s onto an Arthurian-themed Britton warband for SAGA. It’s been far too long since I last played this incredible game and Footsore’s miniatures pulled me right back in. I picked up a starter warband and rules for Aetius & Arthur and I cannot wait to get started on these!

But there are so many distractions! Star Wars Destiny has been amazing, Runewars deserves more plays, I just started an Imperial Assult campaign, I got some Custodes from Forge World to build, commissions to begin, planning for Bolt Action to do, the list goes on and on.

Well, those are all good problems to have. Until next time, let ’em roll!

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