Don’t forget to RSVP to the Parti

Well, with just under a month to go until Adepticon begins, we’re in that good old crunch time, where corners get cut and paint schemes get simplified in order to make deadlines. Fortunately for me, Andrew was a solid taskmaster and kept us on track to get the Partisans done relatively early. He’s done, and I have five more infantry to go. Other than that, just a banner bearer to paint for one of the trucks in Andrew’s force, and details on the Bus that makes up a big chunk of our display board, which I’ll be handling. I just today finished up the 6 bomb markers that we’ll need along with my objective markers for the Combat Patrol tournament, and the final batch of 5 are about 65% complete and should be done tomorrow evening.

I was originally intending on finishing the Marines to run them in combat patrol, or doing a fresh force of US Airborne, but the airborne got nixed due to some new plans that we’ll post about after Adepticon, and the Marines ended up getting beaten out by a fun Partisan list I came up with for the newly adjusted 500-point format this year. Plus I figure if I’m going to Adepticon to parti, might as well parti the whole time!

The final five infantry that I’m working on includes a pair of NCOs (one with an SMG for assault squad, and one with a rifle for one of my primary line squads) and then three of your average run of the mill rifle partiboys. Fairly decent sculpts for the most part, although one of them appears to be wielding a classic BB gun instead of an actual rifle. But we make do with what we can get; maybe he’s a marksman and can hit some bad guys in the eye.

Once these five finish their painting I’ll add the base flock to them and the previous five, and that’ll be the full force done.

As partisan players, Andrew and I will each get to place 3 bombs at the start of the game, tokens that are potentially dangerous to any enemies that move within 6″ of them. With Andrew having to work his way through a sizeable Genestealer force for 40k, I took on the bombs myself. We decided to make some fairly simple barrel bombs, using barrels out of Rubicon’s American and German Stowage Sets for vehicles. To these I added some wires made out of greenstuff, painted them up, and voila, bomb tokens. Simple but effective.

I also used elements of the stowage kits along with some random bits from Warlord plastic infantry boxes to make a pair of objective markers. Partisans being what they are, they would happily chase after a supply cache in order to arm themselves further.


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