White Dwarf – February 2017

Back again with another new issue of White Dwarf! No shipping mishaps this month – the issue arrived promptly on Feb. 7. Here we go with issue six, February 2017.

Planet Warhammer

We’ve got a massive Planet Warhammer this month- 25 pages of new releases! Warhammer 40,000 gets the next chapter of Gathering Storm with the release of Fracture of Biel-Tan. The story runs concurrently with the events in Fall of Cadia and progresses the story even farther into the heart of the storm. The third and final chapter premieres next month and we have been promised that Warhammer 40,000 will ‘never be the same’. The Triumvirate of Ynnead is covered in exquisite detail as well – don’t skip the designer’s notes!

Age of Sigmar is in full force as well with a pile of new product. We’ve got the breathtaking Lord of Change/Kairos Fateweaver duel kit, The Changeling, Bule and Brimstone Horrors, Tzaangors, Tzaangor Enlightened, Tzaangor Shaman the new Battletome: Stormcast Eternals, Vanguard-Hunters, Gryph-hounds, and a sneaky look at the Gryphchargers and the Aetherwings. Wow, deep breath. That right there is a silly amount of new models.

Wrapping up Planet Warhammer is coverage on a few video games, Black Library latest and a few new items from Forge World. And the newest team for Blood Bowl – the Dwarf Giants. For only $35 GW nailed the price-point on the Blood Bowl teams.

The Fate of the Eldar cover story

Unlike last month’s coverage of Fall of Cadia, this cover story delves into the thoughts from the designers, writers and artists behind the models and the story. As I have stated many times in these reviews, it is always wonderful to get a glimpse at the behind the sense work that goes into creating the models and the stories we all love (especially those Jes Goodwn concept sketches). Each of the Eldar in the Triumvirate are covered and the many details linking the models together are brought to light. What the article lacks in length it makes up in depth.

A Tale of Four Warlords

The final chapter in the six-month journey! Tale of Four Warlords is the perfect example of what a hobby blog should aspire to. If White Dwarf creating a dedicated site for the next installment I would subscribe in an instant. This series covered every aspect of the hobby – collecting, list building, converting and building models and playing games. There are few things more inspiring than seeing other hobbysits progress with their projects and White Dwarf captured the magic of starting a new army and the pride of seeing it completed at the end of the journey.

I am sorry to see the series come to a close and I hope that White Dwarf starts up another group soon. It would be no surprise to see a group of four Warhammer 40,000 players step up the plate in just a couple months. Congratulations to the four warlords! They made creating a brand new army look easy!

Battle Report

The Battle Report covers a massive Age of Sigmar game this month. Not surprisingly, the new Tzeentch are facing off against a host of Stormcast Eternals (including all of the soon-to-be-released models). This is a classic White Dwarf feature where the newest armies play against one another in a showcase battle report. As the game was Narrative Play, no point values are given but there is no shortage of strategy and tactics coverage. This battle is an excellent example of a closely fought game that did not rely on competetive play.It is also great to get a look at the capabilities of the new units – those new Stormcast are awfully slick.

Paint Splatter and ‘Eavy Metal Masterclass

No Battleground this month. Let’s take a look at Paint Splatter and ‘Eavy Metal Masterclass instead. Paint Splatter provides a full 13 pages of guides with step-by-step instructions on The Yncarne (Avatar of Ynnead), Kairos Fateweaver, Tzaangor Skyfires, Blue and Brimstone Horrors and the Lore-Aquilor. With this host of tutorials, you are provided with techniques that you could apply to dozens of other projects. I’ve loved Paint Splatter ever since the first issue of White Dwarf Weekly back in 2014 and it continues to impress.

‘Eavy Metal Masterclass is a hyper-focused guide on two things – swords and gemstones. That’s it. Four pages with incredibly detailed instructions for just two parts of a model. The sword alone has no fewer that 16 individual steps. It impressive to see White Dwarf provide resources from basic-level all the way to showcase quality.


Ok, I think I’ve finally figured out what my issue is with Blanchitstu. They never show or tell you how the models were created. This article series contains some of the most impressive conversions in all of Warhammer 40,000 but we almost never know how they were accomplished. From time to time you can recognize the main components of a model or two but most are far too complex to deconstruct. Show us how you did it! Let the reader truly appreciate these accomplishments!

Final thoughts

Once again, White Dwarf delivers. And I fully realize I have said those exact words in every review. As long as it continues to be true, I’ll keep saying it. The difference between the White Dwarf I am holding in my hands now and the previous version is night and day. It is almost like the editor of this current run of issues put out a memo stating, “You know what? How about we just write about and photograph all the cool things we do every month and put it in a magazine.” Long gone are the days of getting your monthly “Games Workshop catalog” this magazine inspires readers to try new painting styles, to pick up a new army, to try out a crazy scenario, to create a campaign, to dedicate time to terrain and to just enjoy the hobby.

So once again White Dwarf, you have delivered a great issue.

Each month I will highlight the main features from the issue along with a few photos. I will keep these as a running report on the new version of White Dwarf and how it fares issue to issue.

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