Inquisitor Greyfax

As my two primary armies are Deathwatch and Grey Knights I already have two of the Ordos well represented and with the release of Imperial Agents I have been looking around for an Inquisitor fig to use. When they first released pictures of the Triumvirate box set I wasn’t all that impressed because so much of the focus was on Celestine who I just didn’t really want to paint up or use, but Greyfax seemed very interesting. She is a bit too stylized for my taste, but there is a real lack of newer Inquisitor figures out there and this seemed like a good fit.

A friend recently painted up an army of the new Thousand Sons models by priming them gold and then painting over the top and had great results, so I decided to try it for myself. I recently moved so my airbrush is still packed away so I had to grab a rattle can of Leadbelcher vs using the Vallejo Air like I am used to.

Priming was easy enough, and I got the uniform coat that I wanted after only a few passes. The cans are a bit expensive so this was good.

As you can see from the inlaid scrollwork I started painting the cape red all over before deciding to opt for a black outer layer with red piping. The outer parts of the helmet were also painted black, with the raised portions that would be metal left bare.

After a few more coats of black I moved on to filling in the piping with red. I did this by thinning Mephiston Red to about halfway between my normal mix and a wash, then filling in the lowered areas with the paint. This required about double the coats that I would normally do but because there are no real details to obscure I could afford to go a bit heavy. You can see in the picture that there are some parts that bled over on to the coat itself but that is an easy fix with a black coat later.

And here it is cleaned up more. The detail on the crossbolter is done with the exception of what will be gold, and the front part has the initial grey coats that will be built up to white.

And here is the front. The white coat is mostly done, and the detail work on the face has progressed. One of the most frustrating thing in mine, and I feel like in many people painting is trying to do flesh. While this flesh tone is not quiet as good as I would like it to be, I think that it will be improved if I do a slight pink tint on the lips. I am very hesitant to anything more significant because of how well the eye turned out and so I am leaving it for now.

Here is another shot where I have heavily washed the backpack and the rest of the metal potions and started the gold work on the armor. I of course used the best gold that is known to man, Vallejo Old Gold. Here is a shot of it in action

Looking good Old Gold.

As the figure started to come together I realized that if I just painted all of the raised portions of the armor gold the fig wouldn’t really have all that much differentiation in the plate, which is a real shame considering how great the detail is on the fig. I then opted to use the alcohol based Vallejo Copper for the demonic looking faces, then washed with with a light layer of Agrax Earthshade Gloss.
My next step is to do some edge highlighting on the red portions, blend the candle flame and get it mounted on a better looking base.











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