Hobby goals 2016 – John

Seeing as I am sadly no longer a Chicago resident my Hobby calendar isn’t quite as focused on Adepticon like Andrew and Ben. I tend to skip around a bit rather than focusing on single projects from start to finish like I should, so quite a few of my goals are just rounding out things that I have been working on for the last couple months.

I had taken a long break from the hobby and only just started up back again last October. Lots of the projects that I am either wrapping up or just finished are things that helped me relearn a lot of techniques – my WW2 Marines are a great example of this – and experiment. Luckily I have gotten a better grasp on some of the basics of painting (and have shamelessly stolen from people like Andrew and Ben) and so now I am working on improving the quality of the figures that I can bring to the table.


The flip side is that now that I have a couple painted forces for different rulesets I can start playing a bit more than I could before, and so discussing what parts of rulesets I do and dont like is going to be something that I would like to focus on, perhaps a bit more than the painting side as my collection starts to get more polished.


Face of Battle – My number one project right now is my 15mm Moderns. I currently have a squad of USMC and around 25 Syrian irregulars/Iraqi Fedayeen type forces. My workbench is waiting on the mail to get me 2 more squads of Marines and 60 or so Taliban figures, both crew served type weapons and individual weapons from Flytrap Productions. These are intended to be used with The Face of Modern Battle rules, which I hope to cover in a write up soon.


Warhammer 40K – Grey Knights – I was never much for 40k on the tabletop but I have been a fan of the fluff for a long time. A bunch of the guys at my FLGS like to play games on Saturdays and so I thought I would try my hand at putting together 1000-1500 points of grey knights. This is also going to be my first real significant work with an airbrush so I am quite excited for that.

As soon as the Grey Knights are done I am looking to start assembling a Death Korps of Krieg armor as I think that the models look amazing and its a very different style of painting to the clean and chromed out Grey Knights


Micro Armor – I play a lot of GHQ’s Micro Armor, a ruleset for 6mm wargaming from WW2 to the present day. The ruleset is fairly simple and very, very flexible and my local group builds to a Cold War gone hot scenario with a no later than date of 1985 to prevent the ultramodern equipment which gets to be a bit too good and a bit too killy. My current force is a British Armored Regiment, but I am looking to build a Soviet Armored force for them to square off against in the near future.


Bolt Action – Seeing a game of Bolt Action is what got me back into painting. One of the guys had a spectacular British Paras force and so I grabbed two boxes of USMC infantry and got to work. The first few were…a bit rough and will only be appearing here to emphasize what NOT to do, but the later batches turned out pretty well. Most just need a bit of basing and washing to be done so its a bit low on my priority list as the force is playable as is.
Team Yankee – I have a decent sized list of Team Yankee Soviets but the few games I have played have kind of underwhelmed me, and with my relatively limited playtime I’m focusing more on other games now. Definitely open to trying it a bit more in the future, even if only to justify all the time I sunk into my T72s.

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