WIP Wednesday: US Marines

For my first WIP Wednesday post (calling it WIP Wednesday still even though I’m technically posting on Thursday. No big deal.)  I’ll be showing my (very early work) United States Marine Corps army for Bolt Action by Warlord Games.


I haven’t gotten to painting yet, I hope to start on that in a week or two (I’ll be out of town for a few days and still have a lot to build, but I may begin on test models next weekend). All the pictures are of things still in progress, most of them still need ammo packs and other accessories glued on. I also haven’t put them on bases yet because I want to figure out my exact scheme before I glue anything down, I’ve found it’s far easier to paint up the bases on their own and then attach painted models to them afterwards. I sometimes have a hard time avoiding messing up either the model or the base when I try to do them all at the same time, especially on the more scenic base designs. These bases will be a Pacific jungle theme (of course), possibly with some sand mixture in there as well to simulate the edge of the jungle during a beach landing or something along those lines.

Apologies for the poor quality on the photos as well, my phone camera is starting to crap out on me and I need to get a good replacement.





Thursday update: The rest of my USMC force has arrived!

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