Andrew’s 2016 Hobby goals

I wanted to compile a living list of all the hobby projects I want to tackle for 2016. I’ll tag the list as a page under the banner for easy reference and editing.

Note, the 2016 “Hobby year” for me is from April 2016-April 2017. Adepticon is the big event that me and my group prep for so many of the deadlines for these projects are in April.


Bolt Action Chindits – I want to have at least 1500 pts. of Chindits built and painted by November for the Operation Sting Bolt Action tournament.

Bolt Action 8th Army Tank Group – For the Adepticon 2017 Tank War event I want to run a British North Africa force. My main inspiration is the Rubicon Models A15 Crusader, I’ll have at least five of those cruising around.

Burma 6’x4′ gaming table – Inspired by the Chidits I want to have a full 6’x4′ tables’ worth of terrain. I have already purchased and built ten buildings from Sarissa Precision’s Fast East range. Next step is to create some jungle area terrain.

Arena Rex Morituri cohort – Completely inspired by Adepticon my gaming group has five people with Arena Rex cohorts. The next step is get them all painted. I’ve finish three of the models already and should have the other three done soon.

Bolt Action Defense of Berlin – With our winter Eastern Front Germans going 0-3 at Bolt Action Teams this year, the only option for next year is a Last Levy: The Defense of Berlin force for next year. The force will consist of old men and boys with panzerfausts as far as the eye can see. I’ve got big plans for the display board.


Arena Rex colosseum – What good is it to have multiple fully painted cohorts if we are playing on the dining room table? I am trying to hunt down a PlayMobil set to use as the starting point but since it has gone out of print it has been difficult to find for less than $300.

Wrath of Kings House Teknes – It was love at first set with Wrath of Kings. The design, artwork and models are all incredible. I picked up several House Teknes boxes and have built about half. I’ve got a few people to play with but it has fallen by the way side. If I can get a full Battle Size force painted up, I’ll be happy.

Bushido – All I know about this game is that two of my good fiends are huge fans. They were kind enough to pick up a Savage Wave starter set for me and I will get these built and painted soon so I can take part.

Commissions – I have a few contacts you would like commission work done. I need to dedicate more time to promoting the blog and working more commissions. I have one in the hopper currently, some more terrain for an Infinity table.

Blog network – I ultimate goal of this blog is to become akin to Tale of Painters. I want to have multiple bloggers updating the site with a content flow of high quality hobby posts, reviews, impressions, tutorials and battle reports. I need to work on getting higher visibility and recruit a couple more bloggers.


SAGA – Another game that I need to dedicate more time for. SAGA is growing in popularity here in US, it has been big for a while now overseas. Each year at Adepticon the SAGA events get bigger and better. I have a fully built Anglo-Danes force but it needs paint. Luckily, it wont take much to get these dark age minis painted.

Muskets & Tomahawks – From the creators of SAGA, Muskets & Tomahawks is a skirmish game set in the North American wilderness during the French and Indian war. I have always found this time period interesting and this game looks to capture the tense action of two patrols engaging in a brutal skirmish. Plus, I already have two boxes of models.

The Maw-crusha  One of the coolest looking monster models Games Workshop has ever released. I want one. I want to build it, paint it and stick in a display case. I don’t even want the rider, I’ll sell him if I can. But I will get my hands on that turtle dragon.

The Crescent & The Cross – The squeal to SAGA, C&C takes the hugely popular SAGA game system and applies it to the Crusades. Inspired by Kingdom of Heaven, I picked up two boxes of troops to replicate the knights and footmen that Orlando Bloom’s character leads. It’s an excellent color scheme and I am excited to put more work into this project.

Kingdom Death: Monster – There is no denying it, KD:M is something special. It is one of the greatest games I have ever played. The goal here is to fully paint the monsters and the starting four survivors. I have built a few of the extra survivors from the armor kits but getting all of the starting models painted up is the main goal. Oh, the expansion sets on the one way as well.

Someday, maybe

Praetorian Imperial Guard – My dream army for Warhammer 40,000. I am far too late to the scene to try and acquire the original models that were produced back in the 90’s. But there are some excellent conversion kits from Victoria Miniatures and I could even make some conversions from Anglo-Zulu British infantry. There are few options out there but this project, if anything, will be one squad at a time.

Warhammer: Quest – Although I have never played it, Warhammer: Quest is a Grail Game for me. It is one of the original miniature based dungeon crawler board games and laid the foundation for many of my favorite games like Descent, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Zombicide: Black Plague and Kingdom Death: Monster. I was lucky enough to acquire a copy that is still in excellent condition but is missing a few components. I want to get this game back to its original shine with painted minis and terrain.


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