Sarissa Precision Far East buildings

 I went in on a whole Far East village from Sarissa Precision and completed two of the nine buildings in the set. So far, I am very impressed with the kits.

 The woven palm style village house is my favorite so far. The building sits up on stilts which invoke a strong jungle village theme. The roofs can be removed for easy model placement during play and the interior space is plenty big for a squad of infantry to fit inside (which is an issue with may other buildings).
I’ll keep working and get a full review up soon.

One thought on “Sarissa Precision Far East buildings

  1. […] Sarissa makes a wide range of laser cut MDF (medium-density fiberboard) terrain, as well as a few vehicles and boats, that can be used in many different game systems. For the most part their products seem fairly easy to put together and they look solid when painted up. For the purposes of this review of course, I’m looking specifically at the landing craft I assembled. For a look at their Far East building sets, check out Andrew’s preliminary review here. […]


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