Panzergrenadier moving towards the objective

Had the opportunity to play a team of Bolt Action this week. There is always something special about getting to play a game with fully painted armies on a fully painted table.

The game was two v. two, Americans v. Germans. We played a Hold Until Relieved scenario with a church in the middle of the table as the objective. The game went a full seven turns with the a narrow German victory. Highlights included:

An American M10 tank destroyer rolling onto the field, destroying a Stuh 42 in one shot and then not taking a single action the rest of the game from the multiple pin makers it received from a German 234/4 armored car (three penetrating hits, nothing but Crew Stunned results).

A German light howitzer rolled sixes to hit a lone American medic that would have contested the objective but then rolled a one for the number of hits and, needing only a 2+ to kill, rolled another one.

Overall, it was an incredibly close game and one of the best games of BA I have played in a long time.

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