Bookshelf: Gaunt’s Ghosts and The Beast Rises


I’ve finished Honor Guard and only have a few chapters left of the next book, The Guns of Tanith. Reading a few chapters of a Gaunt’s Ghosts novel has become my new pre-bedtime ritual and I am surprised by how fast I am cruising through these.


While I spend my time reading Gaunt’s Ghosts, I spent a hobby day listening to the first book in the new Black Library series, The Beast Arises. Book one, I am Slaughter, by Dan Abnett (of Gaunt’s Ghosts fame), was good, not great, but did a great job of setting the stage for the rest of the series. Book two, Predator, Prey was just released this past weekend and I’ll wait for the audio book to drop before jumping in.

This new series is the biggest Black Library event since the start of the now, New York Times best selling series, The Horus Heresy and promises to be one the same level of excellence.

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