Bolt Action Winter Germans

Fifth in a series of posts showcasing completed projects. The photos were taken on my phone using the MacroMat from Tablewar. Models shown: Warlord Games: Winter German HQ Winter SS squad Winter Grenadier squad Winter German infantry Nebelwerfer 41 (gun only) Winter German medium artillery (crew only) Winter German sniper team German Feldgendarme motorcycle team Winter… Read More Bolt Action Winter Germans

Operation Sting 2018 – Panzers on the Elsenborn

Operation Sting breaks down scoring into four categories; battle, appearance, sportsmanship and theme. Part of the theme score is a written army background explaining the historical context for your platoon and the units you picked. Panzers on the Elsenborn On Dec. 18, 1944 the German 506th Heavy Antitank Battalion unleashed the state-of-the-art Jagdpanther tank destroyer… Read More Operation Sting 2018 – Panzers on the Elsenborn