Waffen-SS Starter Army Starter Army II

Box Contents

The WaffenSS Starter Army is a mix of plastic and metal models containing:

  • x6 Waffen-SS Infantry sprues (36 Infantry) – Plastic
  • Waffen-SS MMG Team – Metal
  • Waffen-SS Medium Mortar Ream – Metal
  • Waffen-SS PAK 40 Heavy AT Gun – Metal
  • Tiger I – Plastic
  • StuG III Ausf. G – Plastic

The Fanatic Schematics Early War List

Standard Reinforced Platoon
2nd Lt (SMG) – Regular – 50
x1 Buddy (SMG) – 10
Waffen-SS Squad (Early War) – Veteran – 7 men – 91
x3 SMG – 9
Fanatics – 21
Waffen-SS Squad (Early War) – Veteran – 7 men – 91
x3 SMG – 9
Fanatics – 21
Waffen-SS Squad (Early War) – Veteran – 8 men – 104
x2 LMG – 40
Waffen-SS Squad (Early War) – Veteran – 8 men – 104
x2 LMG – 40
Sniper Team – Veteran – 6565pts
Medium Mortar Team – Veteran – 65
Spotter – 10
Medic – Veteran – 3030pts
StuG IIII Ausf. G/H – Regular – 230
Schürzen – 10
Total9 Order Dice1000pts


  • Rifle – 20
  • LMG – 4
  • SMG – 8
  • Medium Mortar – 1
  • Sniper – 1
  • MMG – (1)
  • Heavy AT Gun – (1)

(x) denotes a vehicle-mounted weapons.

Notes and Analysis

The objective of this list is two part – 1) use as many of the components from the Starter Army as possible and 2) make a List that work at a competitive level. Please keep in mind, this List was written using only the content of the Starter Army.

Once again, I can not emphasize it enough, we have a lack of transport which cripples our speed. StuG III has great AT properties, but the lack of a turret for the Main Gun, it needs a good proper position. Or else we are penalize with that Advance movement -1 to hit. But, the StuG is super thematic for Early War (Tiger I only built from 1942 on). As mentioned in the SS Late War List, this Starter Army lacks HE options outside our trusty Medium Mortar.

We have here is an army with very strong infantry, all squads ranging from seven to eight Veteran soldiers each. The two seven-man units are equipped with the max number of SMGs (3) and have that Fanatic option locked in. They are your Tough Bois going right at the face of your opponents’ units, with no fear to assault the enemy. The other two, both eight men strong, Veteran infantry with the double LMG option – which gives them a hail of bullets (14 shots!) to throw at any target. They should soften up units with ease, as you move into position to assault with the Tough Boi Squads. Keep in mind their long range potation of 24″ and 36″ with the LMGs.

Medium Mortar with Spotter is a classic. Target enemy units that are behind cover, inside buildings and don’t be afraid to try to hit enemy vehicles – forcing them to move and reposition. In theory this could be a very cinematic approach, where you flush an enemy unit out of an building, running into your double LMG squads, waiting already in Ambush where then your Tough Bois come in finish them up (if needed). As with the SS Late War List, we will take use of our “custom plastic” Sniper Team.

The Medic should accompany the squads that are most likely will take the casualties. In this case, will definitely be your Tough Bois squads. After all, those squads are Veteran and Fanatic. Any casualties you may save with the Medic saves 16pts (19pts if he has an SMG) and would be definitely tough on your opponents moral.

Oh, and your 2nd Lt. and buddy, which you should equip with SMGs, should accompany your Tough Bois to make them even more effective! The combination of Moral bonus, Medic and Fanatic, is tough to break!

Thought of Tactics:

Both SMG Fanatic squads will be the main Storm Group and both double LMG squads will give massive covering fire with a big volley of shots – make sure you have enough dice on hand! Sniper and StuG should be in overwatch and cover the advance. The Sniper should focus on enemy specialized units (MMG/HMG, Mortars, Artillery, etc).

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I do not recommend this Starter Army. It includes two Tanks that you probably will never take together (The Tiger makes a StuG III redundant). But, if you build the StuG III as a StuH 42, it could be a good addition to the Tiger I. The Starter also includes the non-efficient options of the Pak 40 and a MMG Team. Both these units I would only take when defending objectives. Not to mention, the 1500pts suggested by Warlord is (once more) highly illegal when applied to the Standard Platoon.

My recommendation is this – for the same price you could get one Waffen-SS Infantry box (30 soldiers)a Light Howitzera Panzer IV Ausf. H/Jthe Flamethrower/Sniper/Panzerschreck seta Medium Mortar and an Opel Blitz with the free Grenadiers sprue for not even 10€ more. If you are considering the alternative Buy List and want further Army List suggestion from me, just post a comment or send an email and we will get you sorted out.

What’s Next?

Thoughts and musings on where to go from here:

  • Add a Howitzer– This Starter Army is very anti-tank heavy. One of the first additions I suggest is a Light or Medium Howitzer to fill your Artillery slot with some proper support.
  • Get a Transport – Another thing that we lack with this Box is any kind of Transport. A Truck is always the best for points way to get 12 guys to where they are needed fast.
  • Add an Armored Car – I am a big fan of Armored Cars and I would definitely recommend either a SdKfz. 250/9, which is a very economic pick and rocks a Light Autocannon. Or the notorious Sdkfz 234/2 Puma, which makes makes many Tank options obsolete.
  • Support Teams – Another great addition would be a Flamethrower Team and/or a Sniper Team, if you did not consider my “custom” build suggestion.

– Daniel

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