Waffen-SS Starter Army Starter Army I

Box Contents

The WaffenSS Starter Army is a mix of plastic and metal models containing:

  • x6 Waffen-SS Infantry sprues (36 Infantry) – Plastic
  • Waffen-SS MMG Team – Metal
  • Waffen-SS Medium Mortar Ream – Metal
  • Waffen-SS PAK 40 Heavy AT Gun – Metal
  • Tiger I – Plastic
  • StuG III Ausf. G – Plastic

The Late War List

Standard Reinforced Platoon
2nd Lt (Assault Rifle) – Regular – 50
x1 Buddy (Assault Rifle) – 10
Waffen-SS Squad (Late War) – Regular – 7 men – 70
x2 LMG – 40
Waffen-SS Squad (Late War) – Veteran – 7 men – 91
x7 Assault Rifle – 35
Panzerfaust – 5
Fanatics – 21
Waffen-SS Squad (Late War) – Regular – 7 men – 70170pts
Waffen-SS Squad (Late War) – Regular – 7 men – 70170pts
Sniper Team – Veteran – 6565pts
Medium Mortar Team – Veteran – 65
Spotter – 10
Tiger I – Regular – 395395pts
Total8 Order Dice997pts


  • Rifle – 20
  • LMG – 2
  • Assault Rifle – 9
  • Panzerfaust  – 1
  • Medium Mortar – 1
  • Sniper – 1
  • MMG – (2)
  • Super-Heavy AT Gun – (1)

(x) denotes a vehicle-mounted weapons.

Notes and Analysis

The objective of this list is two part – 1) use as many of the components from the Starter Army as possible and 2) make a List that work at a competitive level. Please keep in mind, this List was written using only the content of the Starter Army.

Let’s start by looking at the bad. Once again we have lack of Transport, which makes it difficult for us to get our CQB Squad, equipped with ARs, right into the enemies face. Not to mention the lack of HE options, besides the Medium Mortar. You could build the StuG III as an StuH 42, to get Medium Howitzer support but there goes your Tank slot. The Tiger I may be expensive, but it’s a solid AT option with its Super Heavy AT Gun and it is a Heavy Tank (Armor 10+) and it’s the must pick if we have this iconic Tank in the Starter. You really don’t have a choice 🙂

The biggest Issue with this List in my view is only having eight Order Dice – its workable with the right tactics, but I’d feel better with two more. “Well why haven’t you made the List so its ten dice then?” I thought about squeezing a Medic in to get that extra Die, but we would need to make cuts to the Infantry and would affect the performance of not one but two Infantry Squads.

So, the best option I can think of, adjust your play. Take a more cautious approach to get that victory. However, remember; winning is not all! Having fun is!

Thoughts on Tactics:

– Double LMG Squad stays behind for supporting fire. Two Germans LMGs put out 10 shots at 36″, it’s awfully effective.
– AR Squad to push / storm positions and objectives. Try not to go in close combat, if possible.
– Two Rifle Squads move as well into the objectives, as a second line. Moving support for the AR Squad.
– Tiger should cover the other side of the LMG Squad, if possible. And take care of any type of vehicular threat, obviously. Oh and don’t forget that we have the Super-Heavy AT Gun with a HE 3″ template, and that equals a Medium Howitzer. This can be devastating for any Infantry Squad (especially those pesky Veteran enemy units).
– The Sniper should focus on enemy specialized units (MMG / HMG, Mortars, Artillery, etc) and of course the NCOs and LMGs inside of Squads.

Sniper? Yes Sniper! Although the Starter Army does not include the Waffen-SS Sniper Team, you can build your own out of the Waffen-SS sprues. Simply use one rifle and cut the handle off a Stilhandgranate. Then glue the handle on top of the rifle as a scope. When painted up it will look superb! Make sure the wider part of the handle end is pointed towards the face of the figure and the short end towards the barrel end of the rifle. For the spotter, build one soldier with a rifle, holding Binoculars.Why a rifle? So you can use him as a regular rifleman or other even a FAO, if you want in the future! And just like that is your very own plastic Sniper Team! The objective of this list is two part – 1) use as many of the components from the Starter Army as possible and 2) make a List that work at a competitive level. Please keep in mind, this List was written using only the content of the Starter Army.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I do not recommend this Starter Army. It includes two Tanks that you probably will never take together (The Tiger makes a StuG III redundant). But, if you build the StuG III as a StuH 42, it could be a good addition to the Tiger I. The Starter also includes the non-efficient options of the Pak 40 and a MMG Team. Both these units I would only take when defending objectives. Not to mention, the 1500pts suggested by Warlord is (once more) highly illegal when applied to the Standard Platoon.

My recommendation is this – for the same price you could get one Waffen-SS Infantry box (30 soldiers)a Light Howitzera Panzer IV Ausf. H/Jthe Flamethrower/Sniper/Panzerschreck seta Medium Mortar and an Opel Blitz with the free Grenadiers sprue for not even 10€ more. If you are considering the alternative Buy List and want further Army List suggestion from me, just post a comment or send an email and we will get you sorted out.

What’s Next?

Thoughts and musings on where to go from here:

  • Add a Howitzer– This Starter Army is very anti-tank heavy. One of the first additions I suggest is a Light or Medium Howitzer to fill your Artillery slot with some proper support.
  • Get a Transport – Another thing that we lack with this Box is any kind of Transport. A Truck is always the best for points way to get 12 guys to where they are needed fast.
  • Add an Armored Car – I am a big fan of Armored Cars and I would definitely recommend either a SdKfz. 250/9, which is very economic pick and rocks a Light Autocannon. Or the notorious Sdkfz 234/2 Puma, which makes makes many Tank selections obsolete.
  • Support Teams – Another great addition would be a Flamethrower Team and/or a Sniper Team, if you did not consider my “custom” build suggestion.
  • Swamp the Tiger I for a Panzer IV – I know the Tiger I is very appealing as the iconic German tank, but for the points, it is not at great investment, at least in my opinion. Therefore I suggest to get a Panzer IV Ausf. H/J with Schürzen. The Pz. IV also benefits from the Tiger Fear National Rule and has a Heavy AT Gun for 160pts less then the Tiger I. For those 160pts you could add another Veteran Squad with Fanatics and Assault Rifles!

– Daniel

6 thoughts on “Waffen-SS Starter Army Starter Army I

  1. Hi buddy, I’m loving your starter army write ups. I’m new to the game and only have the band of brothers box, the British airborne box and ive just picked up today a box of 30 waffen ss grenadiers and a panzer IV. I wouldn’t mind taking you up on your offer of an alternative army list for waffen ss that doesn’t use the starter army box.

    Kind regards,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Mike!

      Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot that folks are not only reading them but also find them useful!

      You looking to do a write-up as well? Or would you like us to create another list using non-starter options?


  2. Hi Andrew, I’ve not played a game yet, just getting started so I think any write up would be poor from me. I was hoping you could do me a list using the recommendations in the waffen ss article. Thanks


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