Waffen-SS Custom Army I

Units used

This “custom” army used a mix of plastic and metal models including:

  • x5 Waffen-SS Infantry sprues (30 Infantry) – Plastic
  • x1 “free” German Grenadier sprue (6 Infantry) – Plastic
  • x1 Medium Mortar – Metal
  • x1 Light Howitzer – Metal
  • x1 Panzerschreck Team – Metal
  • Panzer IV Ausf. H/J – Plastic
  • Opel Blitz Truck – Plastic

Daniel’s Army List – Custom SS Late War

Standard Reinforced Platoon
2nd Lt (Assault Rifle) – Regular – 50
x1 Buddy (Assault Rifle) – 10
Waffen-SS Squad (Late War) – Veteran – 6 men – 78
x6 Assault Rifle – 30
x2 Panzerfaust – 10
Waffen-SS Squad (Late War) – Veteran – 6 men – 78
x6 Assault Rifle – 30
x2 Panzerfaust – 10
Waffen-SS Squad (Late War) – Regular – 8 men – 80
x1 LMG – 20
NCO Assault Rifle – 5
Waffen-SS Squad (Late War) – Regular – 8 men – 80
x1 LMG – 20
Sniper Team – Veteran – 6565pts
Medium Mortar Team – Veteran – 65
Spotter – 10
Light Howitzer – Veteran – 6060pts
Panzer IV Ausf. J/H – Regular – 235
Schürzen – 10
Opel Blitz Truck – Regular – 39
MMG – 15
Total10 Order Dice1,000pts


  • Rifle – 13
  • LMG – 2
  • Assault Rifle – 15
  • Panzerfaust – 4
  • Medium Mortar – 1
  • Sniper – 1
  • MMG – (3)
  • Heavy AT Gun – (1)

(x) denotes a vehicle-mounted weapons.

Notes and Analysis

We have received a request for 1,000pt SS force that is not restricted to the contents of the Starter Army, but is still within easy reach of a new player without an existing collection.

As requested, here is the “Custom Waffen SS Starter Army” that makes way more sense for Bolt Action and is just around 10 bucks more then the official Waffen SS Starter Army Box from Warlord Games. For me, now with the knowledge and experience with Bolt Action, this is a no-brainer. This List nearly has everything you need for a good game of Bolt Action, it includes units that make sense and are fun to use, without sacrificing any points for something that you just add to your List, because “it is in the box”.

Lets start with the most visible change; the Panzer IV Asuf. H/J. We have a great Medium Tank with a Heavy AT Gun, which can deal some good damage against vehicles, but also against infantry with that 2″ HE template. As we have added the Schürzen option for 10pts, it should be pretty safe most of the time, as it obviously will be the center of attention for your opponent. Another great thing is, this tank benefits from the Tiger Fear Army Special Rule, which forces all enemy units within 18″ that can see our Panzer IV to take an Order test (unless they Fire at the Pz. IV ifself). And don’t make the mistake I always do and forget about the Tiger Fear during the game…

Next up we have the Light Artillery in form of a LeIG 18 (Leichtes Infanterie Geschütz) which is a great little howitzer with 2″ HE, able to fire direct or indirect and comes with a Gunshield. Sadly no option for a Spotter, but still it is a great addition to our army. Make sure to target Veteran units, as the +2 Pen will make them easier to wound. Same goes for the Medium Mortar with Spotter, which should focus (if possible) on enemy stationary units, (e.g. the ones holding out in a building, or even tanks/vehicle, to force them move). Remember +1 Pen for hits from above! Try to position the Sniper in your first turn (or during deployment) in a great position, so you can multiple targets and- in best case – just give him Fire orders each turn. As usual, focus on enemy specialist units (MMG, Mortars, Flamethrowers, Artillery and Officers & NCOs).

Now to the Truck – the Opel Blitz! I decided for a Regular Truck instead of an Inexperienced, so we don’t get hit with the “Inexperienced -1 To Hit”, as we added the additional Pintle MMG on top. Inside the Truck are both our x6 Veteran AR squads, which will overpower any enemy unit. Also, if timed correctly (Order Dice already used by the opponent for e.g.) gives us the opportunity to shoot at something, preferable the enemy unit you intend to “take by surprise”, give them a Pin Marker and maybe some casualties to soften them up. The AR squads each have a Panzerfaust in case anything vehicular comes close by and requires an immediate response. Especially if the Pz. IV is not in range or has LoS. Another great thing about the Truck having the pintle MMG is, that it can act as an suppressive assistant for the two AR squads. Just be always aware that it still is just a Transport and can be destroyed at the end of a turn, if an enemy unit is nearer to the Truck then a friendly unit! Both Regular rifle & LMG squads are your Turn 1 on-board squads, given their longer range (24″ & 36″ for the LMGs) they are great for covering other units, holding lanes or running towards an objective using cover.

Thoughts on Tactics:

Well most is already covered in the breakdown above, but depending on the scenario and table setup, it can be great to put both the AR squads inside the Truck and hold it Reserves, maybe even in Outflank for a nasty surprise. Generally, this tactic is great. You can also tinker with this list and instead of two AR squads, you could make one SS Panzer Pioneer Squad with SMGs and a Flamethrower (embedded in the squad) or one big AR squad (though you’d loose an Order Die). Oh and don’t forget that Tiger Fear trait! Play around with it, see how it fits your playstyle and how much you enjoy playing with them 🙂

Overall again, the main goal is to have a good time and enjoying the game and your miniature army.

What’s Next?

Thoughts and musings on where to go from here:

  • Hold with the Infantry – Regarding additional infantry, I think we are very well set up and a further box is not really needed thanks to that “free” Grenadiers sprue from the Opel Blitz Bundle.
  • Add an Armored Car – I would add an Armored Car. My personal Favorite is the Sd.Kfz. 250/9 with a Light Autocannon, coax MMG and Recce. Rubicon has a beautiful kit for it and it’s both SS themed and pointwise, it’s a must have addition.
  • Add a QRF element – A really great addition would be a Kübelwagen and/or Schwimmwagen dedicated for your Panzerschreck or Flamethrower Team, though the Panzerschreck is really not great in terms of points vs. individual Pamzerfausts (though thematic and an additional Order Die).
  • More Mobility – You could get another Truck to make your infantry even more mobile (and get another free sprue :D).
  • Get a Bigger Gun – Swap the Light for a Medium or even Heavy Howitzer for a bigger boom boom on your opponents units.

But honestly, there is not really much that you would need to expand this army. But the German army in itself has so many options, tanks and units that in terms of collecting it is a nearly endless journey to expand on! There are many fun units, that maybe not very good, but just plain fun to try out – an great example is the Opel Blitz with a Flakvierling mounted with quad-Light Autocannons. That’s just pure madness and fun 🙂 What I personally would maybe do, as you definitely have a few guys left over, is to do some custom conversion, like building a Chaplain, making your own Light Mortar and a custom Medic (I hope to have tutorials soon!).

– Daniel

4 thoughts on “Waffen-SS Custom Army I

  1. Thank you guys. Thats very generous of you to do this. I’ve just read your review of the DDay US sector book. Looking forward to eventually giving the SAS a spin. Operation Bulbasket style

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s our pleasure! Glad you found the list and the review helpful. And yes, a SAS list would be super fun. That’s a project I’d like to do myself one of day.


  2. Thank you guys. Thats very generous of you to do this. One of the biggest factors for as a new player on a tight ish budget is making each purchase count and not wasting cash on unnecessary unit purchases. This list relly helps achieve that.

    I’ve just read your review of the DDay US sector book. I’m excited to eventually give the SAS a spin. Operation Bulbasket style!


    Liked by 2 people

    1. As Andrew already said, yeah we are glad to help out and I am glad that you enjoyed my list 😀
      It is exactly that point, with being on a budget.
      when I started out it I just built blindly some miniatures and then had to buy a lot of boxes to get to a point i was happy with my army.

      About the SAS – yes absolutely, with taking in consideration that the SAS has its own Army rules its just a super cool Veteran Army.

      Liked by 1 person

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