German Heer (Winter) Starter Army I

Box Contents

The German Heer (Winter) Starter Army is a mix of plastic and metal models containing:

  • x8 Winter German Infantry sprues (48 Infantry) – Plastic
  • x2 Winter German Officers – Metal
  • Winter Medic – Metal
  • Forward Observer / Spotter – Metal
  • Winter German MMG Team – Metal
  • Winter German Medium Howitzer – Metal
  • Opel Blitz Truck / Maultier – Plastic
  • Panzer IV Ausf. F1 / G / H – Plastic

The Holy Support List

Standard Reinforced Platoon
2nd Lt (SMG) – Regular – 50
x1 Buddy (SMG) – 10
Medic – Veteran – 3030pts
Chaplain – Regular – 2525pts
Heer Veteran Grenadier Squad – Veteran – 6 men – 78
x6 Assault Rifle – 30
Panzerfaust – 5
Heer Veteran Grenadier Squad – Veteran – 6 men – 78
x6 Assault Rifle – 30
Panzerfaust – 5
Heer Infantry Squad – Regular – 9 men – 90
LMG – 20
Heer Infantry Squad – Regular – 9 men – 90
LMG – 20
Sniper Team – Veteran – 6565pts
Medium Mortar Team – Veteran – 65
Spotter – 10
Panzer IV Ausf. G – Regular – 235
Schurzen – 10
Opel Blitz Truck – Regular – 39
Pintle MMG – 15
Total11 Order Dice1000pts


  • Rifle – 16
  • LMG – 2
  • Assault Rifle – 12
  • SMG – 2
  • Panzerfaust  – 1
  • Sniper – 1
  • Medium Mortar – 1
  • MMG – (3)
  • Heavy AT Gun – (1)

(x) denotes a vehicle-mounted weapons.

Notes and Analysis

The objective of this list is two part – 1) use as many of the components from the Starter Army as possible and 2) make a List that work at a competitive level. Please keep in mind, this List was written using only the content of the Starter Army.

First of all, this is really a brilliant Starter Box and is an example for the other Starter boxes follow. We have variety, we have good options. we have a Transport (yay!) and over all we have the really nice plastic winter German figures, which are a blast to assemble and look great. In this 1000pts List we have still plenty of plastic men left over (15), which we can consider building at a later point or add them into the upcoming “All in 1500pts” List that I will provide in the near future.

An unusual addition you might have noticed is the Chaplain. I am pretty sure most of you haven’t played with one and some haven’t even been aware there is such a unit. No worries, I got you covered! The Chaplain, or to be precise the “Kaplan” (German name) is a great fun little support unit. Whenever this unit gets an Order (besides Down) you can roll for a test to remove one Pin from one friendly unit within 6″. Though the Chaplain can not actively engage (much like the Medic) he can be outfitted with a Pistol for 1pt. In our case, the Chaplain relies completely on his faith and is not armed (we really couldn’t get 1pt for the pistol in this List). Though I still suggest you to model your Chaplain with a pistol holster on his belt, as we have such one on the sprue!

In addition to the Chaplain Special Rule, it also gives us another Order Die. Combined with the Medic, this can be both fun and game changing with the Dice gods are on your side – and they will definitely be, since you have the Chaplain in your Platoon!

Full Chaplain rules (found in Campaign: Battle of the Bulge and Campaign: D-Day: British & Canadian Sectors):

Self-defense only: Cannot fire any weapon, nor assault enemy units. If your Chaplain is equipped with a pistol, it can only be used in close quarters if the enemy assaults him (including firing it at the assaulting enemies as a reaction, if applicable).
Non-combatant: A Chaplain unit cannot be used to claim or contest objectives.
Inspiring presence: Upon receiving his Order (except for Down), a Chaplain may select one friendly unit within 6″ and roll a d6, applying the following modifiers: Inexperienced -1, Veteran +1. On a 4+, the chaplain may remove 1 Pin from the selected unit.

Further details for the Chaplain are purple insignia, as well as an officer hat with purple lining around the brim and between cap-shield and hat. If you have some Greenstuff or other modeling putty around, you can make a scarf for him, if you are aiming for a Christian themed Chaplain, and paint it purple. It will definitely be an eye-catcher on the field and spark some conversations with your hobby group – especially after you manage to remove some Pins with him!

You’ll also notice our list includes a Sniper Team. But there inst any Sniper in the Starter box – what can we do?! Not to worry! We will just a Sniper Team! Just like we did in the Waffen-SS Starter Army, we will just use two of the plastic men; one sporting a rifle for the active sniper and one sporting a rifle and binoculars as spotter (in game he has just a pistol, but with the rifle we can use him for other duties depending on the Army List). For the scope on the rifle, we can use the rod of the stand-alone Panzerfaust or just use a toothpick / cotton swab part and glue it on the rifle where the scope would be. Primed and painted it will look just perfect! And there you have your very own custom Winter Sniper Team!

If you feel even more adventurous, you can do a small conversion of the metal officers, both sporting MP40 SMGs. As they are just hanging over the shoulder you could (carefully!) snip them off with a pair of cutters and glue a STG 44 Assault Rifle in place. This conversion will give both these men that Extra 5″ range for free (as Officers cost is the same and are armed “as modeled”). But be aware that with the STG 44 you will be only using them in Late War games or Selectors.

Thought on tactics:

As you may noticed from my previous list, I tend to go with a similar and in my view, most efficient structure of two close quarters SMG/AR Vet squads in a Transport, supported by bigger rifle/LMG Reg squads. So yes, the 6-man Vet squads with the ARs are mounted in the Opel Blitz Truck and should be the up in your face units, though be thoughtful about the positioning of your Truck! As we have Pintle MMG on it, we definitely want use this throughout the game to support the assault squads.

The two other infantry units should come over a flank, depending on the scenario or setup, and may even be brave enough to split them left and right (or keep one in reserve). Their main mission should be keeping lanes free of enemy soldiers and supporting the assault squads in front.

Medic and Chaplain should be working together, best would be with the assault squads, but sadly there is not enough space in the Truck. Making those two assault squads five men each would be too small for my taste. Try to get them into position to support one of the squads, whichever you think will be under more fire from the enemy.

Mortar and spotter do their thing. Spotter should get – as usual – a great spot and hide your Mortar from potential enemy fire, especially enemy Snipers! Also don’t forget your minimum distance of 12″ to shoot and make use of your total 60″ you can range. The Sniper should definitely take care of enemy specialists like MMGs, Mortars, Flamethrowers and Officers.

The Panzer IV Ausf. G is a beast and personally my favorite Tank for its points in the German Army. We have a Heavy AT gun with 6+ Pen which can knock out most of your enemy tanks with ease. And don’t forget you have a 2″ HE template with that Heavy AT! Great to get rid of some enemy Infantry inside buildings or tough guy enemy Veterans.

May the Dice Gods be in your favor with your Holy Support Army List!

What’s Next?

As mentioned before this is indeed a very good Starter Army. It is not really lacking anything in particular. Though If you intend to expand your army, and you probably will, I have the following suggestions for you:

  • Flamethrower QRF – It’s the classic. A Flamethrower Team inside a Kübelwagen or Schwimmwagen. Flamethrowers are fierce in Bolt Action and if you can’t or don’t want to take them inside a Pionier Squad, they are great as small suprise unit inside a quick Kübelwagen. Flamethrowers are also very lethal versus Tanks (in case you didn’t know).
  • Add more HE – We need more HE! A Light Howitzer like the le.IG 18, which is available in winter theme from Warlord, is a great and good looking addition. For just 50pts Reg / 65pts Vet including a Gunshield and fires a 2″ HE Template is just that extra punch you need to accompany your Med. Mortar. By the way, this is one of my favorite units in my German Army, it so often gets overlooked by my opponents. Mainly due to its cute stump-gun, I suppose haha.
  • Another Truck – Or maybe Maultier or even a SdKfz. 251/1 for some extra transport capabilities and a better MMG support then your typical MMG Team.
  • Get an Armored Car – The usual suggestions regarding theme would be also an Armored Car. A SdKfz. 231 (8 Rad) is superb. It is not an Open Topped Armored Car and sports a Light Autocannon with co-axial MMG.
  • Swap the Panzer IV – Tank Wise I could also only really suggest a cheaper one. For example a Panzer 38t (superb for its points) or even a StuG III or IV, which is a must for a thematic German Army. Oh and when you are already at it with your StuG, why don’t you get a pack of those fantastic StuG Riders? For the dismounted models, we just use 8 of our 15 left over plastics! This squad can use an Assault Gun or Tank destroyer as a Transport!

The expansion possibilities are endless to be fair! But again, this Starter Army is really a great set if you are into the Winter theme and that works for both Eastern Front settings and in the Battle of the Bulge on the Western Front.

– Daniel

6 thoughts on “German Heer (Winter) Starter Army I

  1. Very interesting list… I gave this build a play with a friend over last wednesday (using my afrika korps as stand ins and a panzer 3 as a 4)… I did find a couple of weakness…

    1) That truck loaded with both veteran units is target number 1, you need to keep it as out of sight as possible. It may be worth dropping the MMG and upgrading it to veteran, the extra moral boast will help it activate or shrug off pins. It’s main job is to get those boys to were they need to be anything else doesn’t really matter if it can’t do that.

    2) Though I can see the sense in two small veteran units it does come with some risks as a 6 man squad doesn’t require a lot of punishment before it falls over and with only one panzerfaust per squad you are leaving a lot of things up to fate of you come across something big and scary, ideally as well you need to hope for 2 order dice at once to make the most of it… These two units could be combined into one 10 man unit and you could have some points left over to spend on a fourth larger infantry squad (see below for more points saving). This 10 man squad can have the officer and his buddy ride along with them if you need more bodies on an objective.

    3) I feel the Chaplin and the medic are both a trap and they never really managed to do anything in any of my games. That’s 55pts which could go on another 5 man regular rifle unit or even better a 7 man Volkssturm squad (maybe paint the overcoats blues and browns to symbolise civilian militia). This squad can be even bigger if you take the advice stated in point 2. You could also drop the veteran mortar to a regular one (as you have a spotter anyway) for an extra 15 points of infantry.

    4) That Panzer is a challenge to use correctly. It’s so points intensive that I have struggled to make it work. Have a clear plan for its purpose and pursue it vigorously. The tank needs to shut down a flank on its own, make an objective impossible the game from you or knock out some of the biggest enemy elements. Don’t put it in the wrong place and lose it because you will suffer. I would also be tempted to drop the side skirts to squeeze an extra 10 points out for get more infantry.

    This is obviously all just my two cents after a handful of games and my advice could be totally useless (as it only really accounts for how I play). I personally like a decent sized squad (roughly 10 men) on each flank and one in the centre for board control with a fourth squad in reserve to plug gaps of seize the advantage so with all my lists I am looking for those four squads before I think about the flashy support elements.

    I love what your creating here Andrew so please keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Love the insight after a game! I’m sure Daniel will appreciate the feedback on the list! We strike to create interesting and exciting army lists that push outside the standard Platoons we see all too often. Some of the ideas work better than others 🙂

      Our only goal is to inspire players to give new armies and strategies and try – and it looks like we did just that! Very exciting to hear your thoughts after using the army in game and that you already have ideas for tweaks and adjustments to fit your playstyle. If you want to do a full write-up, let me know!


  2. I played three games in total with the force (as I had the day free). The results were two losses and one win, but I was against US Marines with plenty of BAR veterans so I class it as a success.

    These pages have definitely inspired me. I would love to do a write up but likely will not have the time. I am slowly learning the game however so will add any insights into the comments of what ever army build I try out.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Even though the set dosn’t come with a light hozw it is a must. drop side scurts, drop chaplain and make the mortar regular to add it.

    Or drop those and mmg on truck, medic and make sniper reg to open up 110 points!!


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