Semper Fidelis – US Marines Starter Army III

Box Contents

The Semper Fidelis – US Marines Starter Army is a mix of plastic and metal models containing:

  • 7 USMC Infantry sprues (42 Infantry) – Plastic
  • 1 M3A1 Half-track – Plastic
  • 1 Corpsman (Medic) – Metal
  • Flamethrower Ream – Metal
  • 1 Medium Mortar Team – Metal
  • 1 Light Anti-Tank Gun – Metal
  • 2 MMG Teams – Metal
  • 2 US weapon sprues – Plastic

The Mixed Quality List

Standard Reinforced Platoon
2nd Lt (SMG) – Regular – 50
x1 Buddy (SMG) – 10
Veteran Marine Squad (Mid/Late) – 10 men – Veteran – 130
x3 BAR – 15
x3 Pistols and Rifles – 3
Stubborn – 10
Veteran Marine Squad (Mid/Late) – 10 men – Veteran – 130
x3 BAR – 15
x3 Pistols and Rifles – 3
Regular US Marine Squad (Mid/Late) – 10 men – Regular – 100
x3 BAR – 15
Veteran Engineer Squad (Late) – 8 men – Veteran – 104
x1 SMG – 3
x1 Flamethrower – 20
x2 BAR – 10
Medium Mortar Team – Regular – 50
Spotter – 10
Bazooka Team – Regular60pts
Sniper Team – Regular50pts
MMG Team – Inexp.35pts
MMG Team – Inexp.35pts
37mm Light AT Gun – Inexp.
Gun shield
M3 Half-track – Regular
Pintle HMG
Total – 12 Order Dice1000pts


  • Rifle – 24
  • Rile w/ Pistol – 6
  • BAR – 11
  • SMG – 4
  • Flamethrower – 1
  • Bazooka – 1
  • Sniper – 1
  • MMG – 2
  • Medium Mortar – 1
  • HMG – (1)
  • Light AT – 1

(x) denotes a vehicle-mounted weapons.

Notes and Analysis

The objective of this list is two part – 1) use as many of the components from the Starter Army as possible and 2) make a List that work at a competitive level. Please in mind, this List was written using only the content of the Starter Army.

I want to take every single model as I’ve paid for them so I might as well use them. You get 7 sprues of 6 figures (42 models) plus a Flamethrower Team and a metal Medic (45 models). I break these down into the following:

  • 2×10 man Vet marine squads with x3 BARs
  • 10 man Reg Marine Squad with x3 BARs
  • 8 man Vet Engineer squad (with Flamethrower, 2 SMGs, 2 BARs)
  • 2 man Sniper Team
  • 2 man Bazooka Team
  • 2 man HQ Team (with SMGs, glue a SMG to the Medic and your golden)
  • 1 man spare as the Mortar Spotter

Then I use both MMG Teams, the Light AT Gun and the Halftrack.

The idea is that you have three solid Marine squads with BARs who can do the bulk of the work. I know 10 man squads sounds extra fancy but they are big enough to take a beating and dish out some punishment. Veteran gives them fair survivability and the BARs and Rifles give them plenty of fire power and mobility (Fire and Maneuver is the best). Three squads also allow for a squad on each flank and in the center so you have tactical control.

The Engineer squad in the Halftrack can stay in Reserve and plug any gaps with the Flamethrower doing a lot of the heavy lifting (the Bazooka Team can ride along with them if needed as can the HQ unit with SMGs). Protect this unit, keep it out of sight and pounce when you need to, it’s powerful but will be a target.

The Sniper and Mortar Team do what all Snipers and Mortars do, stress out the opponent in various ways. The Bazooka has decent range and should be used to scare enemy armor or at least give your opponent pause, 24 inch range is powerful.

The Inexperienced AT Gun and Machine Gun Teams will sit on objectives and distract the enemy, if they get shot at then just go Down, but all three crews are so cheap that they work as excellent distractions when they get targeted. Those machine gun crews are 35pts but can dish out 5 shots at 36 inches which covers much of the board, stick them on ambush if no decent targets present themselves and open fire when the enemy wanders into your sights. It really is the USMC Squads that do the actual work but because they are so much harder to shift than the Inexperienced Teams, so you opponent is constantly having to decide between easier kills or not. 

Yes your anti-tank is weak but you have a Flamethrower, Bazooka and Anti-Tank Gun so you have some options. If a high value tank is trading shots with your AT Gun or Bazooka then you are already winning on points even if they do no more than distract. Play “ignore the tank” and focus on the objectives, if your opponent has no squads left to hold things then you have won anyway.

You also have a very tasty 12 Order Dice, use this advantage, your force needs to work together and you have plenty of long range options, make your opponent work for board space and pound them into the dust.


5 thoughts on “Semper Fidelis – US Marines Starter Army III

  1. Thanks for adding this, I do feel the army works well together and what’s best about it is the you have ‘ no model left behind’.

    A lot of people think mmgs aren’t very good, but in honesty treat then as a five man squad and let them be objective holders, they do a surprising amount of work and open up a spare infantry slot to advance that would have had to hold back before.

    Another way to get the points to 1250 is simply make the 1 regular squad and the HQ ‘veteran’ and give all the marines stubborn + 3 pistols, the engineers AT grenades and take the Chaffee.

    This way all you are doing is buying one tank to bump your list by 25%.

    Massive thank you to Andrew for adding this list, it is an excellent resource for newbies looking for some guidance.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course! I’m thrilled to have more contributors for the project. Your list takes an approach that I had not considered and it’s always exciting to see what folks create out of these Starter Armies. I’ve always felt like the USMC box was one of their best simply due to all the options available. Your list shows that perfectly!


  2. I love these starter box builds and this is my 5th one I have used. One thing to note is that the list calls for 11 BARs but the box only contains 9. I dropped the two from the Engineer squad and upgraded the 37mm AT gun to regular. I think this is a great build for this box and I’m excited for it to be at my local store for community use.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Shane and good catch in the BARs, I built this force so long ago that I forgot you only get 1 BAR on each sprue. I had some left over from my band of brothers box as I have my paratroopers SMGs.

      It’s a bit of an oversight from warlord really as the marines list comes with loads of BARs but the sprue only had the one, thinking back it did take a bit of creativity to fill the list.

      Dropping the Two from the engineering squad wouldn’t be the end of the world and upgrading the AT gun is a good use of the spare points. You could also drop some pistols, stubborn and Smgs to squeeze the points out to make that one regular squad veteran (maybe).

      I would be very interested to hear how you get on with it on the field I know I have fun with it. The stuff that’s hard to kill is also the stuff your opponent needs to kill so it takes a very disciplined opponent to ignore the mmgs and AT whilst the track down your units.

      Thanks again.


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