1 Box, 1 Army – Warlord Games US Airborne: Late WWII US Paratroopers

Box Contents

The Warlord Games US Airborne box is a plastic kit containing:

  • 30 US Airborne Infantry
  • 36 Rifles/Carbines
  • 15 SMGs
  • 5 LMGs
  • 5 BARs
  • Backpacks, pouches, pistols, grenades, canteens, etc.

The List

Generic Reinforced Platoon
2nd Lt (SMG) – Vet- 65
x1 Buddy (SMG) – Vet – 13
Veteran Paratrooper Squad (Late) – 9 Men -126
x3 SMG – 9
x1 BAR – 5
Veteran Paratrooper Squad (Late) – 9 Men -126
x2 SMG – 6
x1 BAR – 5
Veteran Paratrooper Squad (Late) – 8 Men -112
x1 LMG – 20
x1 BAR – 5
Total4 Order Dice498pts


  • Rifle – 15
  • SMG – 9
  • BAR – 3
  • LMG – 1

Notes and Analysis

The objective of this list is two part – 1) use as many of the components from a single box of infantry as possible and 2) make a List that work at a competitive level. Please in mind, this List was written using only the content of a single box of infantry.

One of the best things about Bolt Action is how inexpensive (compared to many other popular wargames) it is to get started. This army list provides an elite, all Veteran force using just a single box of infantry.

This list is intended to push Veteran and Stubborn Paratrooper Fire & Maneuver as far as possible. They can hit hard once they get close and are difficult to kill. Thus, we have two squads with multiple SMGs (for up close) and a BAR (for longer range threat). The LMG is optional and instead you could add another soldier to a squad or more SMGs and a BAR with the leftover bodies in the box.

What’s Next?

Consider these additions to your 500pt 1 Box Army:

  • Bazooka Team – The list currently lacks any form of AT. A Bazooka Team is both thematic and effective. The Warlord plastic US Infantry set contains a Bazooka and is totally compatible with the these plastic Airborne.
  • Regular Infantry – If you want to bulk out the force and keep the theme Airborne, you can bring the Reg. US Glider Infantry for a pre-Market Garden force. This is another opportunity to mix in parts of the US Infantry box as well.


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