Company Creation

How to build your Company

First, choose a Theater Selector. Tank Platoons are not allowed.

Second, create a 2,000-point Company that includes a Company HQ, Platoon HQ and Additional Units.

  • Company HQ:

1 Major or 1 Captain

2 Infantry Squads

  • Platoon HQ:

2 Platoon Commands (1st or 2nd Lt.)

4 Infantry Squads

  • Additional Units:

Any other units listed in the Theater Selector you selected.

Captain, Major and Lts must be of equal or greater troop quality than the Infantry Squads in their HQ.

Infantry Squads must be selected from those listed in your Theater Selector.

Additional units are limited to double the number listed in the Theater Selector. For example, if the Theater Selector allows 0-2 Snipers, you may include 0-4 Snipers in your Company.

All starting Company units must be either Inexperienced or Regular troop quality. Veteran units cannot be chosen. The only exception to this rule is when a specific unit can only be fielded as Veteran (American Airborne, British Commandos, Soviet Assault Engineers, German Pioneers, etc.).

Free units are not to be represented as a part of the Company and are only attached at the beginning of a battle and then removed at the end.