1 Box, 1 Army – Wargames Atlantic Italian Infantry

Box Contents

The Wargames Atlantic Italian Infantry box a plastic kit containing:

  • 32 Italian Infantry
  • 45 Rifles
  • 10 SMGs
  • 5 LMGs
  • 2 MMGs
  • Standard helmets, pith helmets, Alpine hats, caps and feathers for Bersaglieri
  • Backpacks, pouches, pistols, grenades, canteens, etc.

The List

1942 AS42 Infantry Platoon
1st Lt (Rifle) – Reg – 75
x1 Buddy (Rifle) – Reg – 10
AS42 Infantry Squad – Vet – 7 Men – 91
x2 LMG – 20
AS42 Infantry Squad – Vet – 7 Men – 9191pts
AS42 Infantry Squad – Vet – 7 Men – 9191pts
MMG Team – Reg – 5050pts
MMG Team – Reg – 5050pts
Total6 Order Dice498pts


  • Rifle – 21
  • LMG- 2
  • MMG – 2

Notes and Analysis

The objective of this list is two part – 1) use as many of the components from a single box of infantry as possible and 2) make a List that work at a competitive level. Please in mind, this List was written using only the content of a single box of infantry.

As Bolt Action continues to gain popularity, more companies have begun producing plastic 28mm World War miniatures. The most well known is probably Rubicon Models and their incredible line of 1/56 scale vehicles (seriously, they are the best plastic vehicle kits on the market). New on the scene is Wargames Atlantic and they are making a huge splash in the market. This particular 500pt army list was created using the Wargames Atlantic Italian Infantry. The kits has loads of options that make is perfect for a starting force.

We are using the 1942 AS42 Infantry Platoon found in Campaign: The Western Desert for this army list. Not only will the AS42 Theater Selector allow us to use both the MMGs included in the box it is also a unique take on the Italian army not found in Armies of Italy and the Axis. All of the previous Army National Rules for the Italians are thrown out the window and are replaced with:

  • Avanti! – If the Italian player is “winning” the game, you get to re-roll Advance and Run Order Tests.
  • Avanzre – AT Guns can forward deploy like Snipers.
  • Poor Officers – Officer morale bonus is only added to Ambush, Fire and Rally Order Tests.
  • Prudente – All infantry units take an additional -1 on Order Tests (not Morale Tests). Ooooof.
  • Forza d’Animo – Artillery, SPGs and Paracadutisti remove D2 Pins when they pass and Order Test.
  • Testardo – All infantry units have Stubborn.

I guess it was too much to ask for Army Special Rules that did not include penalties. Sigh. But we shall press on! These new Army Special Rules informed the creation of this army list to maximize their strengths and reduce their weaknesses. On to the army itself:

We are looking at a solid core of Veteran troops supported by a 1st Lt and two MMG Teams. This is a list that excels at pinning down the enemy and advancing under fire. Your 1st Lt can only boost tests to Fire, Ambush and Rally, not a problem! This army is going to be mostly Firing anyway. If you are “winning”, not sure how to define that, you get to re-roll Advance and Run Order Tests and that’s big because the entire army has a standing -1 on Order Tests. Now, there is one major silver lining, the entire force is Stubborn. So, your troops may not do what you want them do, but at least they will not be feeling the field of battle.

The strategy with this army list is pretty narrow. Setup your MMG Teams and Double LMG unit behind cover and blast away. Support the advance of your two AS42 rifle squads and the Lt as they move on the objectives. This force lacks any serious close combat punch (you need Paracadutisti for that) but boy do we have some powerful small arms at range. Your biggest thread will be indirect HE and Snipers. If there is an enemy Sniper, that is target priority number one. One single shot from the Sniper can remove an entire MMG Team so don’t even give them a chance to fire.

For the models themselves, it’s pith helmets, just all the pith helmets. The Wargames Atlantic box is flush with head options and the uniforms work great for North Africa. Paint these guys up in desert khaki and you will be all set. Be using the AS42 Theater Selector we utilized 29 of the 32 bodies and both MMGs. I think this army list is both fun and unique. It will offer any general some challenges to overcome and is an excellent starting point to expand.

What’s Next?

Consider these additions to your 500pt 1 Box Army:

  • Autoblinda AB41 – This darling of an Armored Car is a personal favorite. The Autoblinda has put the team on its back in countless games and continues to be a solid choice. At 105pts Reg, it’s a steal. Turret Light Autocannon with co-ax MMG, rear-facing MMG and Dual Direction Recce. Toss the pintle MMG for +15pts and you have a terror of a Armor 7 vehicle. And the only thing better than an Autoblinda is two Autoblinda! That’s right, this selector allows an Autoblinda in both the Armored Car and the Tank slot. Get yourself a pair of these and cause some havoc our on the dunes.
  • Elefantio Light AT Gun – Your army lacks AT. Badly. The Selector allows for two AT Guns so let’s give a pair of Light AT Guns a try. At only 45pts a model you will be able to keep enemy army at bay. Oh, also, they get to forward deploy! You’ll have the pick of the table to deploy a good cross fire. Tuck these AT Guns behind a wall or in a ruin and let the enemy try and avoid their field of fire.
  • Medium Mortar – With your AT taken care of (Autoblindas and Elefantinos) you could use a bit of indirect support. The trusty Medium Mortar is all you need.
  • Light Howitzer – If you don’t feel like you need the extra AT punch from the Light AT Guns, go with a pair of Light Howitzers. If you include the Med. Mortar as well that’s three 2″ HE templates to drop all over the enemy. Establishing indirect superiority is a wonderful thing.


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